Personal Style Profile Celeste B.

Name: Celeste Byers

Occupation: Artist

Wearing: “I’m wearing shoes from Salvation Army, pants from the sale section of Urban Outfitters, belt from Forever 21 back in high school and the shirt was dyed and printed by myself as part of a project I started called Terrestrial.

Personal Style: “I wear what I find comfortable, interesting and fun.”

Favorite Store: “I’ve been a fan of thrift stores since I was introduced to Salvation Army in high school. After buying an entire bag of funky clothing for $20, it’s hard to spend a lot of money on new clothing.”

Favorite Fashion Trick: ” I am a big fan of face painting and re-purposing eyeshadow. Why not cover your entire face in that purple glitter eyeshadow you got in 7th grade? Why not rock a glitter nose for a day or paint a stripe across your face? have fun with that you wear because as my mom reminded me last night, there are infinite possibilities.”



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