Each year numerous women say they are going to change their look
for the next year, but most give up and resort to unstylish
habits again because they don’t know where to start…or finish.
You need some help and I have the five tips that will help you
look fabulous 365 days in a row a whole a lot easier…

Tip One: Everything In Your Closet Should Be

Eliminate every “ugly” item in your wardrobe. Toss those clothes
that are only for sleeping that you end up running errands in
because you don’t feel like changing. Replace these items with
attractive colors, prints and shapes that make you look and feel
good. You don’t have to give up the comfort, there are PLENTY of
casual comfy clothes out there that will actually flatter your
body and make you feel cute.

Hint: Monrow is a great brand for casual clothing that
looks good.

Hint: You only need one shirt and jeans for painting, not eight.

Tip Two: The Fit

Those odd items in your closet that just don’t fit well? Tailor
them or toss them. Every item in your closet needs to fit you

This starts with the shopping process… you see this gorgeous
dress you have to have even thought it fits weird in the hips,
but you buy it anyways. Surprise, surprise every time you try it
on it disappoints you and end up never wearing it. So, from now
on do not buy anything that does not fit you perfectly unless you
know a tailor can easily fix it – and you are the type of person
who will actually take it to said tailor.

Tip Three: Skip the Sales

It doesn’t matter what a shirt used to cost, what does it cost
now and is it worth it? There are only three things that matter
when you are shopping: can you afford it, do you look good in it
and do you love it? Labels, sales, trends, retail associates and
men should not be on your mind when you are adding clothing to
your wardrobe.

Tip Four: What Do You Need?

Look in your closet after eliminating all the ugly and
ill-fitting clothes. What do you need? Where do you find you have
the hardest time? Do you need more day dresses, light weight
jackets, work dresses, slacks, jeans, shorts, interesting tops?
Ask yourself what you need and then shop specifically for these
items versus shopping randomly and adding more useless bulk. When
you shop specifically for one item at a time it is easier to find
the best of what you want while price comparing.

Tip Five: Take a day…or Two

Everyone dreams of a world where they are able to make a new
stylish outfit everyday in five minutes. In reality people either
spend five minutes putting together the outfit they wore
yesterday or spend an hour putting together an offbeat look. The
solution? Take a day and experiment with your wardrobe while
taking notes or pictures to remember for the future. Find out
ahead of time what looks great together and what doesn’t without
the pressure of having to be somewhere.