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Nicole Richie Piles On The Jewelry



Last month Nicole Richie debuted darker locks at the launch of
her House of Harlow 1960 Holiday Collection, but
what stole my attention were her accessories. To be more
specific, her over accessorizing. Minimal accessories have been a
major look for 2009, but for 2010 I say lets get a little crazy.
Let’s take a page from Nicole Richie’s book of style and balance
a simple sheath dress with wild adornments.

Sporting her own collection, Nicole Richie piled seven bracelets on her
arm, two bracelets on the wrist of the same arm and topped it off
with a huge ring on her middle finger. For the other wrist, four
thick bangles and then no necklace or earrings to ensure the
whole look doesn’t look too much like the gaudy old women wearing
everything she owns.

First of all, I have always been a fan of pushing bangles up to
the bicep. Topping to off with bangles at the wrist as well is
just genius. (I know women with thicker arms are thinking,
yeah-right for the bangle on the bicep so I’ll move on.) Other
ways to over accessorize in a modern and stylish way is piling on
the rings. Don’t stop at the one cocktail ring, throw on three
more between your two hands and see how you feel. Top off the
load of rings with large earrings and a plain thin chain at the
neck for a cool image. One thing to keep in mind when over
accessorizing is make sure you only accessorize two or three
parts of the body and skip the other parts. For example choose to
adorn just fingers and ears or just neck and fingers or just
fingers and wrists.

Obviously the key to making this work is to pile the jewels onto
very simple clothing. You know, T-shirt and jeans, solid colored
dresses, plain tunics, simple leggings or pants and so on. Think
simple, minimal layers or details and no patterns unless it’s on
your shoes. You must be a canvas for your fabulous jewelry, but
having some pattern or texture on your shoes will balance your

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