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How To Wear A Cropped Leather Jacket

Topshop motorcycle jacket

Every season, it can be difficult to know what to buy and what to skip – especially when it comes to jackets. To make it easier, you have to ask yourself certain questions: Does this flatter my body? Will this go with what I already own? How will it go with what I already own?

Well, this
season, a short leather jacket is your best bet. This essential
cover up will exude the sexy bad-girl-gone-chic look that is both
modern and timeless. It is also one of the most versatile jackets
you will get this fall. The cardigan can be too delicate, the
coat can be too bulky and other cropped jackets may not have the
edge you are looking for. For those who are vegans, there are
many alternatives to leather that will look just like it. As you
can see, you can wear it with everything and for practically any

On a date – If
you are heading out to a nice dinner or cocktails with your
fella, slip into that structured dress you have stowed in your
closet then throw on this sleek Topshop motorcycle-esque jacket.
Now, you are not only warm, but edgy too, at a reasonable

errands – Who doesn’t want to feel cute while grocery shopping,
lunching with friends or walking the dog? This also works for
casual nights out. Spice up that t-shirt and jeans uniform with
this black Belstaff leather goodie. This is the epitome of
casual cool.

Out & About
– This legging and tank combination can go casual or dressy
depending on the shoes. Flats will say stylish day attire while
heels, booties or boots scream party. Whether its out with the
girls or a cool event, this look will get you noticed in that
wonderful way a girl loves.

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