Lounge be beauty

I am a big supporter of shopping locally, especially when it involves diverse stops, treats and discounts. As with any large city you can get this kind of local shopping experience through a fashion tour, like Garb San Diego. Garb San Diego is offering shopping tours throughout the colorful neighborhoods of San Diego. The first tour route, launches this Friday, April 20th. It will cover Downtown and Little Italy with seven boutique stops, as well as a stop at Café 21 for cookies and tea at the end of the tour. Led by professional wardrobe stylists, Garb San Diego will operate its Downtown/Little Italy tour three times a week, with one tour on Friday and two on Saturday.

The boutiques involved will be offering discounts of 20% or more for the tour guests and include a lingerie stop, Project Runway Designer, Gordana, vintage shopping, green clothing and  more. The tour includes a fun tote bag and hands on advice from the professional tour leaders.

Discount Tickets available through Groupon.

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