I am having an intimate relationship with rose gold jewelry. It’s gotten serious. Until rose gold wiggled its way into my heart, I had no interest in owning nice jewelry. Now, I am addicted to acquiring ungodly amounts of those feisty shades of pink. Yesterday I was wearing one of my more elegant rose pieces and someone asked if it had sentimental value. I had instinctively said no, knowing I gave it to myself. I saw it. I wanted it. I bought it. As those thoughts crossed my mind, I corrected myself. It does have sentimental value. Being able to afford a frivolous beautiful thing means a lot to me. As does the perfect pairing of accessories. Rose gold jewelry must be paired with a complimentary purse. Black? Blue? Purple? Any of these colored purses could work if the outfit paired with the rose gold jewelry contained that color, but what about the zipper, accents or hardware. I am a perfectionist. If you are wearing gold jewelry, carry a purse with gold accents. If you are wearing silver jewelry, carry a purse with silver accents. Same goes for pewter, bronze, and, of course, rose gold jewelry.

I just recently bought the perfect rose gold purse from Aldo (above). In case that purse doesn’t speak to you the way it whispered to me, there are other rose gold purse options below.


Cole Haan – Heritage Quilt Devin Tote


Stuart Weitzman – Noquarry




Sam Edelman – Bianca