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Where To Find Statement Necklaces

Kenneth Cole $45

A simple dress, an exposed neck, a high neckline or a love for fabulosity calls for a statement necklace. I love when I get a client that is ready for such neck decadence. When these accessories are needed, I have a handful of go-to stores. Macy’s is my number one for gold statement looks at reasonable prices. For a lot of my clients, large neck decor is new, so a tame price to go with the wild piece is welcome. A big help here is the website’s organization. I can search very specifically for what I want. I go to jewelry, click on fashion jewelry, click on necklaces, and then click on “statement” in reference to the necklace style I am seeking. Once there I click on the color gold, and a plethora of gold statement necklaces are exposed to me. I recently recommended this stunning gold piece above to a client in Canada.

J.Crew (sold out)

If our budget is higher and my client is adventurous, I go to J.Crew for statement necklaces. While in New York, a woman stopped me on the subway to compliment me on my jewelry, and when I told her it was from J.Crew she smiled, but looked a little puzzled. It pushed me to tell her I always go to J.Crew for unique necklaces. She showed her true surprise, “J.Crew? But they are so boring… and sporty.” Not for years, was my reply. My clients are always surprised when I walk them into J.Crew. It amazes me how many people are unaware of it’s transformation. My most recent J.Crew statement necklace favorite is the  spiky rope necklace. I have recommended it to two clients, and dove in myself. A tip about J.Crew, about every other month they offer 25% off your entire purchase.


J.Crew $128

Another source for fabulous neck wear is Anthropologie. They have some incredibly unique pieces from large necklaces to pendants. They explore different mediums and various styles. Although most of it has a bohemian edge, there are simply chic pieces as well. I do warn against the quality. Some of their pieces are a bit cheapy. Don’t get drawn in by the stunning ambiance. Look at the piece, test it and make sure it is the piece you want. I recommend shopping online with Anthropologie as it takes away the influential styling of the actual store. The bummer is no free shipping on the website. That always irritates me. If you want to get around it. Go into the store, look for the necklace you want. If they don’t have it, tell a sales associate and they will ship it to you for free.


Anthropologie $78

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