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Stylish Ways To Cheer Up When You’re Sick


You know when you are just sick enough to be disgusting, but not sick enough to just lay there? After a ridiculously terrible night’s sleep that involved no use of my nose, a burning throat, and freakish dry mouth, I cancelled all my clients today. As my morning client put it, New York will do that to you. Small city, big germs was my reply. After wondering why my teeth hurt and feeling oddly dehydrated, I managed to take my sick self on some errands where I dripped snot on myself. I dripped snot on myself at home too, but found it more noticeable in public.

Although I accomplished the trip to the donation center, post office and tailor, I found it difficult to run my office work at my usual lightning speed. The writing wasn’t coming, my inbox seemed too full, the accounting seemed irrelevant, and the virtual closet I needed to update was just too much. Then I realized something. I’m sick. I’m not supposed to be working.

There is this song, Let Her Go. It speaks of not knowing what you have until it’s gone. Realizing you were happy only because you have become sad. Well, I’m the opposite. I think I am happy all the time. It’s difficult to realize I am sad until I am happy again. I learned this a couple years ago, and felt the lesson again today. I am sick. Being sick hurts and makes me useless. Hurting and being useless makes me sad. Took me half the day to realize I was sad about being sick, and took me until late at night to finally stop trying to work. (Although, technically speaking, I’m working now.) With no more attention on work and no energy, I thought of fabulous fun things to do at home that requires very little energy.

Online Christmas & Birthday Shopping

It really doesn’t matter what time of year, planning ahead is good. I looked at Vocla’s masculine underwear for the men, and Jelly Egg for the children. I also looked at more traditional retailers like Nordstrom.

Wear Anything

Today I wore a purple sports bra, a chartreuse racer back top, and denim shorts printed with humming birds. I topped it with a chic runway worthy lightweight coat, bad hair and a face so devoid of color, both artificial and natural, I looked like a young boy. The post office loved it. My tailor was concerned. Earlier in the day I wore a horse printed dress with brown leggings and mismatched boots. The pieces were new. They just arrived at my doorstep and I was trying them on. I also highly recommend wearing lightweight dangling jewel earrings with sweats. There is nothing more refreshing when you are ill.

Hunt For The Perfect Thing

You are going to be sick for awhile, so start that time consuming online hunt for the perfect boot, essential earring, trench coat, or party dress.

Plan Your Outfits For When You Are Healthy

I found myself packing for London today. I leave in six weeks. Be less extreme and come up with a fun outfit from your closet that you haven’t worn to work yet. Leave the crazy bag lady stuff to me. Unless of course you’re into that.

Sort & Make Lists

Sort your laundry. Don’t try to do it. That’s exhausting. Just sort it. You know, get ready for when you could do it. Then make a list of things you would like to get done. We are so busy doing things, we forget there are other things that could be getting done if we just add it to the list. Whether it be a call to the mechanic, organizing your scarves, or realizing you need new jeans. It’s nice to have a moment and organize your thoughts and life.

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3 Responses

  1. You are making me want to catch a cold! 😉
    .. Nevertheless, Sick has never looked so good on someone!

  2. Gwendolyn says:

    Get well fast! xoxo

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