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Top Five Holiday Gift Ideas For Mom


Hands down, moms are my favorite person on my shopping list. There is nothing more rewarding than giving a gift to someone who gives so much. In celebration of Mama, here are five fabulous gift ideas for the mothers  in your life that deserve a lovely treat…
A massage, facial or any kind of pampering is absolutely, hands down, the best gift idea for a woman who has given birth.

2) Kendara Scott ‘Danielle’ oval earrings – $58

They are elegant, timeless and ageless. Jewelry is never a bad idea for gift giving. Just be sure of her pierced ears.

3) Custom Made T-Shirt Memory Quilt

I recently worked with a mom who had a full section of “memory” and sentimental tops. This is what she wore for every year to her daughter’s horse riding competition, this is from a past job, this is from a grand event, her youngest daughter gave her this and so on. We all have the “sentimental” section in our wardrobe, but when it takes up a hefty amount in the closet, maybe its time to put it somewhere else… like on a quilt! A custom made memory quilt is a wonderful way to hold onto memories without wasting precious closet or drawer space. Also, now that they have a real use, you can relive the moments far more often.

4) Maid Service

I don’t care what kind of mother you have, she is either cleaning right now or has cleaned in the past. Give the woman some much needed help and hire a monthly, weekly or one time maid service.
Most businesses are jam packed in the holiday season and then slow in January and February. As a personal stylist, mine is the opposite. Even if I didn’t refuse shopping appointments after mid December, I would not be as booked as you would imagine. It is January, February and March that become insane because people are buying up my services via gift certificate in December to be used in the new year. Every other day this month, someone contacts me to purchase a gift certificate for their mom and I got to tell you, mothers LOVE it. This is one of the few times they get to look at themselves and really think about what they want.

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