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How To Create The Tadashi Combination

Tadashi shoes

Now that the winners have been announced in the last post, here are the reasons behind the winning combination of the Tadashi dress…

Shoe A: Festive yes, but a bit cheesy for the dramatic sensuality of this dress.

Shoe B: Too much red and we already have a big flower, we don’t need to add in a bow to boot. This pairing would overwhelm and lacks elegance.

Shoe D: The bright gold tone competes with the bold color of the dress. It also feels a bit casual and heavy for a New Year’s eve. You could get away with this shoe in the office.

Winner – Shoe C: The black Ron White pumps brings the right amount of drama to this dress without taking focus away from this red vixen.

Tadashi purses
Purse A: As mentioned, the sparkly is too much and a bit cheesy for this bold dress.

Purse C: Although an interesting thought, one poof is enough for this look, even if it has been toned down with its black shade.

Purse D: Way too matchy matchy and feels forced. Effortless is our goal.

Winner Purse B: The black Nina delicately plays off the ruching folds of the dress as well as the pleats of the shoe without being obvious. Also, it compliments the black of the chosen shoe and accomplishes the elegant tone of dress without competing with the red or giant flower on the shoulder.

Tadashi cover up
Cover-up B: If we had chosen the gold shoe, we would have gone with this cover-up. The look would have worked, but it would not be as dramatic and elegant as the black combination that we have created. And again, the bright gold tones compete with the dress for attention.

Cover-up C: Remember that gargantuan flower I keep talking about? Every accessory must be background music to the blooming red frock. This scarf is overwhelming the look.

Cover-up D: This jacket wouldn’t fit over that beloved flower. Nixed!

Winner – Cover-up A: The Neiman Marcus shawl compliments the shoes and purse while resting quietly on the arms – exactly what we need for this look-at-me dress.

Tadashi winner

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