Bringing cultural influences to your wardrobe can be an easy way to wake up a tired closet. French, Arabic, Greek, English, Russian and more all have items for you to play with that you may not see in magazines or at the mall. Even adding hints of cultures that are not that different from our own, like the UK, can be fun.


Here are some of my favorite goodies from other countries:

  • Beret, France: with a casual dress or t-shirt and jeans, I would love to see more beret action.
  • Jewelry, India: The large glam of India's jewelry is divine.
  • Obi Belt, Japan: the perfect wide belt to add to a dress or tunic.
  • Caftan, Persian: As I already mentioned in a recent post, I adore a fabulous kaftan.
  • Peplos, Ancient Greece: The peplos is a long tunic arranged in folds fastened in a drape over the shoulder by brooches worn at each shoulder. Obviously a peplos can look a bit costumey, but a modern day version of the peplos is fabulous.
  • Vintage Silver Earrings and rings, 1940's-1960's Mexico: I adore the vintage rings and earrings made in Mexico during these decades. They are bold, unique and have such an edge.

As with any garment or accessory from another country, pairing it with modern clothing is essential to creating a unique look versus a costumey look.