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Personal Style Profile – Alex Carbone

Personal Style Profile Alex Carbone

Occupation: Signmaker at Whole Foods

Wearing: “Gold hoops from [I don’t know]. Duran Duran tshirt from some random mall store (Forever21?), scarf is from random vendor at Bhakti Fest 2011, belt from Talbot’s by way of mother’s closet, Bandolino shoes, a gift from sister, bracelet borrowed from a friend, glasses from Target, jeans by Jolt.”

Personal Style: “Comfortable Sexy Tomboy/Lady Mental Patient.”

Favorite Store: “A great pair of jeans or three is essential. I really like expensive jeans like AG and Citizens — but when I can’t drop that kind of cash, Jolt jeans are half the price and very flattering.”

Favorite Fashion Trick: “Once when I was a teenager I read in, like, Sassy or something, Milla Jovovich said that she likes her clothes to look a little weird or off, and it really made an impression on me. I always thought she looked so great so I was like, ‘huh.’ I grew up very preppy so it took a long time to move in that direction. Nowadays, I have 2 kids and very little money so I have no money to spend on clothes. So what I do is I just come up with crazy combinations that I feel good in. I keep playing until it feels just crazy and stupid enough to work. I don’t have the luxury of finding the perfect accessory so I have to find a way to work what I have. I have basic stuff and a few statement pieces I really like and I try to find a use for anything that makes its way into my hands from whatever source. When it comes together, I feel very creative and unique and 110% myself. I truly believe that if you wear things you feel great in or find a way to feel great in something, you will look great in it. It’s like a feedback loop. Also, kitten heels go with everything, you can move in ’em, and you don’t have to worry about your pedicure.”

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Personal Style Profiles feature folks with a strong sense of fashion. They often embody the exception to fashion rules. These individuals are not my clients.

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