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Leopard Print Tuxedo Flat & Smoking Slipper


You’ve spotted them in the department stores, boutiques or magazines… that masculine flat with many names: smoking flats, tuxedo flat, smoking slipper, slipper flats or, simply, that loafer. Although it resembles a hardened slipper more than anything, I like the word tuxedo, and I detest smoking, I will refer to them as the smoking flat.

As I have browsed the numerous versions of the smoking flat and tried some on a few clients, I found the leopard print version to be the most blog worthy. The leopard pattern on clothing is often trashy, trendy or dated, but on a shoe is divine. Always has been, always will be.

When incorporating the leopard smoking flat into outfits, there are a lot of not-the-best options you should mind. As a heavy set flat, it can make your legs look disproportionate if paired with skirts, dresses, leggings or skin tight pants. You also want to avoid pairing the smoking flat with boot cut or wide leg pants. This combination will make you look short and wide.

The best look for a leopard print smoking flats are solid colored ankle length straight leg pants or denim. The print will wake up any solid colored bottom, while the ankle hem will keep your feet in proportion. Keep in mind, you want the ankle pant to be slim in fit, but not skin tight. This flat also looks great with a cuffed hem, so feel free to roll a pair of pants into an ankle length.


Nine West



Mercanti Fiorentini



Sam Edelman

By the way, I spied an elderly women in an all leopard print dress struggling a stroll with a high-tech walker. I tried looking away, numerous times, I tried to avert my eyes and focus on parking my car, but my eyes were magnets to the unusual mixture of bold fashion and creaky walking. I suppose any kind of flamboyant outfit looks out of place next to an ailment, but leopard print is especially odd. Trashy or no, this animal print has always been a symbol of sexy confidence, whereas a walker is a symbol of our elders’ struggle with aging. I eventually waved to the woman. She did not wave back as her hands were busy with the walker’s bars. She gave me a big smile instead.

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