top: BCBG, leggings: FOREVER 21, coat: Vintage, necklace: URBANROSE, boots: STEVE MADDEN, ring1: FOREVER 21, ring band: NOON BOUTIQUE

I am on board with those who choose to never wear a real fur coat, but my love for recycling has produced a loophole. I never purchase new fur to discourage the killing of animals for their hair, but when I see an old fur in a thrift store with no where to go, I hand the cashier my money and throw it on my back. I figure, buying furs of the past discourage waste. This is the rambling thoughts I tell myself in order to include fur in my wardrobe. 

With that said, it is actually a bit difficult to run around in vintage furs without appearing in costume. I often sport a beige coat with a gargantuan fur collar. If worn with a dark pencil skirt and conservative top, I am suddenly cast in the movie, Aviator. To avoid this, I keep the rest of my look simple and complimentary in color by pairing it with tan or terracotta colored leggings, dark boots and a tank. Instead of costumey, my outfit becomes an interesting version of modern bohemian. This boho tank top meets fur coat works perfectly in San Diego and other mild weather locations. I sport this look for casual parties on cold nights, cold afternoon lunches with friends, or crazy photo shoots with rust animals and Robin Dayley.

For dressier occasions, I pair this coat with short earth tones dresses and tights with booties, or exchange my flat boots for chocolate brown boots with a heel, nicer skinny pants and a dressier top. You will notice all these outfit ideas are lean looks. The fur is not only the showpiece, but bulky to boot. To avoid overpowering your fur, a long and lean silhouette underneath is essential. By pairing slim fitting clothing under your fur coat, you won't overpower the fabulous pouf of your outerwear.





Photos Taken by Robin Dayley