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J. JS Lee Autumn 2016 – London Fashion Week

personal stylist london fashion week

I was so freakishly jet lagged the first day of London Fashion Week, I felt like I was dreaming at the J. JS Lee show. The bright white surfaces, rumbling pebble noise of the camera clicks, the festive crowd and the sharp, fresh looks of J. JS Lee all lent to the euphoria dreams provide. I think the fact that it was a sunny day in the ‘ol smoke city also had me believe I was asleep in reality and awake in a parallel universe. London and the sun are not necessarily partners in crime.

Favorite J. JS Lee Garments

I was extremely pleased by the looks of the Autumn 2016 J. JS Lee line. I have been craving her creative yet polished garments. The looks I would recommend ordering are almost all of the shift dresses (the red is my favorite), any of her coats (except the black and red one), the flowing blazers, and the silky white blouse and/or the black dress with the tie-scarf detail.

J. JS Lee Garments To Avoid

Any of the bulky garments will be difficult to maneuver in life and will add weight and volume to your body. I also am not a fan of her obvious use of elastic on many of the garments. It always feels a bit cheap to me. Lastly, I would skip most of the skirts and the pants with the “string” waist.

J. JS Lee Style Right Away

One way to get a jump start on the J. JS Lee 2016 look is to match your shoes to your dress or coat. I am not usually a fan of matchy-matchy, but this I like. I love a streamlined monochromatic look. Matching you shoes to your pants and your top is going to be too much for most of you, but donning a matching coat and dress is chic.

personal stylist london fashion weekpersonal stylist london fashion weekj. js lee london fashion weeklondon-fashion-week-2016personal stylist london fashion weekjjs-lee-2016 (1)

Photos via catwalking.com

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2 Responses

  1. Pat Dickerson says:

    Clothes appear to have gotten larger, and also the models. What is your feeling on the change from skinny, and who it will best benefit? Thank you.

    Pat Dickerson

    1. Hi Pat!
      I think it will benefit most women. The majority of women are not size 0, so it benefits more consumers to show it in a larger size. I personally prefer models to be a 2-4 versus a 0-00. And if someone is a size 00 and the size 0 is too big, one can always alter clothing to be smaller, whereas you can’t make a garment larger.

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