This may seem an odd post considering I made such a stink about tall heels, but I could not pass up an opportunity to talk about lavender colored heels. Plus, with that platform going on, the heel ends up being my desired 3 inch height.

By the by, although Katy Perry appears to look more doll than human in this photo, I adore this lavender shade heel. Outrageously tall, yes. Drag Queen-ish even, yes – but I am loving it! I wonder if they are comfortable? At $590 they better be.


As a side note, don’t think high prices mean comfort. I was recently at a cocktail party that became a long stroll to go salsa dancing and a wonderful Scottish woman could not keep up because she was wearing YSL heels that killed her feet. Bad form, YSL. If you want people paying obscene prices, make those shoes obscenely delicious to wear.

Back to Casadei, I went on an online hunt to find Katy Perry’s lavender shoe and only came up with the fushcia version pictured above on amazon.com (who’d a thought). For other stacked heels by Casadei, try endless.com