Most Flattering & Versatile Cardigans For Women

When you think of cardigans for women, you’re probably picturing the standard cardigan that’s been around since the 1950s. That crew neck and square shape are not especially flattering and far from fashion-forward, so let’s take a long break from that. Allow me to introduce you to cardigans for women that are actually flattering, and that feel far more fresh than the cardigans of yore. Bonus tip: notice how all of these cardigans for women do not have drop sleeves. That’s because drop sleeves are not flattering and look sloppy.

Alex Mill Crop Cotton Blend Cardigan

Notice the flattering v-neck of this Alex Mill Crop Cotton Blend Cardigan. It has a traditional cardigan look, but with a fresher feel. And look at those moon and star buttons! Pair this with jeans and other pant looks.

Sizing Tip: I always recommend sizing down for a cardigan so it doesn’t add weight, but if you want to button it up and wear it like a shirt, as pictured, go for your true size.

Nic + Zoe Book Club Open Cardigan

The open cardigan is incredibly flattering and Nic + Zoe is the queen of this essential goodie. This Nic + Zoe Book Club Open Cardigan can be paired with tucked-in tops with pants or skirts, and with dresses. Remember, you don’t want your top hanging out below the hem of your cardigan. This sweater is available at Nordstrom, Nic + Zoe, and Neiman Marcus.

Sizing Tip: Size down.

Eileen Fisher Simple Organic Linen & Cotton Cardigan

I am in love with this Eileen Fisher Simple Organic Linen & Cotton Cardigan. Pair this with tucked-in tops with pants or skirts. This fabric looks best with jeans and other rougher materials.

Sizing Tip: Size down.

Halogen V-Neck Merino Wool Jersey Cardigan

I am bonkers for this yellow Halogen V-Neck Merino Wool Jersey Cardigan. It pairs great with jeans, certain dresses, and tucked in tops.

Sizing Tip: Size down.

Foxcroft Bethane Jersey Cardigan

This Foxcroft Bethane Jersey Cardigan is great with jeans or other slim pants. You’ll love the softness. This cardigan is available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Amazon.

Sizing Tip: Size down.

Nic + Zoe 4-Way Lightweight Cardigan

This Nic + Zoe 4-Way Lightweight Cardigan is another go-to cardigan. I love this for sleeveless dresses, but it can also be paired with tucked-in tops. This cardigan is available at Nordstrom (plus size, here), Nic + Zoe, Amazon, and Bloomingdale’s (plus sizes, here).

Sizing Tip: Size down.

Nic + Zoe Crochet Trim Cardigan

I put this Nic + Zoe Crochet Trim Cardigan on clients all the time. It’s perfect for summer dresses or tank top looks. This cardigan is available at Nordstrom (plus sizes, here), Nic + Zoe, Neiman Marcus (plus sizes, here), and Amazon.

Sizing Tip: Size down.

Nic + Zoe Long Lengths Cardigan

I love pairing the Nic + Zoe Long Lengths Cardigan over a short dress, like this Nicholas Button Front Linen Sundress. This sweater is available at Nordstrom and Nic + Zoe.

Sizing Tip: Order two sizes down. Runs very large.

Eileen Fisher V-Neck Cardigan

I love this lightweight Eileen Fisher V-Neck Cardigan for sleeveless dresses. This cardigan is available at Nordstrom and Dillard’s.

Eileen Fisher Organic Linen & Cotton Blend Cardigan

This yummy knit Eileen Fisher & Cotton Blend Cardigan pairs well with jeans or leggings — and it also works with fitted long sleeves. A definite plus since you know it’s very hard to wear a cardigan over sleeves. This cardigan is available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Dillard’s.

Sizing Tip: Runs large, order down a size or two.

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