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Wedding Dress Code – What To Wear When There Is No Dress Code

Wedding Dress Code

The wedding dress code is a conundrum even when it is specified, but what happens when there is no dress code? I recently went to a wedding that had no specified dress code. By the time I realized there were no wardrobe instructions, I didn’t feel comfortable texting the bride to ask what I should wear. Honestly, I’m never a fan of asking a bride any questions about her wedding. I assume everyone in her life is peppering her with questions and I don’t want to add to the bombardment.

No Wedding Dress Code = Magic Dress

So there I was, no clue as to how formal or how casual I should dress. Obviously, I could look at the venue and plan from there. But I truly could see this bride going either way formality-wise. So, I turned to my magic dress. This magic dress has already gone to at least three weddings (and you might recognize it from my post on My Holiday Party Look). Its powers come from the fact that it could pass for a formal frock or just a “nice” dress — appropriate for any kind of nicer occasion, like Saturday dinner out. It also doesn’t require a bra, yet is extremely supportive, and the weight of it is neither too heavy nor too light. I can dance all night without sweating excessively and still wear it to a New York wedding in winter, which I did.

I am not big on using the phrase “must-have,” but I am going to use it now. Everyone must have this kind of year-round ambiguous dress in their wardrobe. You’ll never worry again about a wedding dress code. Plus, it eliminates last-minute stress shopping before dressy events.


Why Are These Dresses So Versatile?

The key to a dress that works for any wedding dress code is the combination of a formal fabric with a more casual silhouette. To be more specific, lace and satin are the year-round formal fabrics you want. And the cut needs to be simple. This combination qualifies as formal attire without looking overdone for a more casual wedding. Occasionally chiffon can also pull this off, but I want to keep this simple, and chiffon is often used in non-versatile styles.

Wedding Dress Code Wedding Dress Code Wedding Dress CodeWedding Dress Code

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