My calender is filled with appointments both professional and personal…

9am: Zumba with Kim (Personal)

12pm: Christina B. – House (Professional)

4pm: Nick L. – Shopping (Professional)

7pm: Improv Class (Personal)

It also has To Do lists and reminders. On Sunday Feb 5th I had a four word reminder written in: Jason Wu Hits Target. I wanted a piece or six. Thankfully I was able to get all the pieces I wanted, my favorite being the pink yellow striped shirt dress and the red and navy striped T-shirt dress. I love the deatils, pattern and sleek fabrics of it all. When I made the online order I got two sizes of everything I could to ensure a perfect fit. Thank goodness I did! The Jason Wu line runs big, with the exception of the pleated skirt. I kept the smaller sizes of everything I got. Considering everything is sold out I decided to put the rest on Ebay. Feel free to buy!