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The Perfect Handbag


Dear Handbag Designers,

As a personal stylist, I am constantly in search of that perfect everyday handbag for my clients as well as myself. I find this shopping task more tiresome than any other item on the makeover docket. Let me explain why…

1) Pockets

My clients and I are busy and carry a lot. Some of the items we carry are small and need to be accessed quickly without having to dive into the purse. These small items I am referring to are car keys, cellphone, headphones, pen, gum. We need numerous pockets on the outside. At least one should zip. This way we can separate our keys from our cellphone to avoid the keys from scratching the phone’s surface. We want the pockets to close to prevent easy theft and possible spillage.

2) Weight

This is for you fancy designers. The pricier the purse, the heavier it is. If I pick up a handbag and it already feels like all my crap is in it, I set that purse back down. Unless of course, I am in the mood to do bicep curls. This heavy factor is not only uncomfortable, it is bad for the shoulder, the neck and creates asymmetry in the posture. These physical repercussions is not only unhealthy, it’s out of style.

3) Pockets

Now I am referring to pockets in the inside of the purse. As a standard, handbags have the zip pocket on the center of one side and then the two open pockets on the other. The size of an everyday purse has room for more pockets on the inside, please add them. For instance, instead of one lone wolf zip up pocket sitting in the center, place two pockets side by side instead. They are for the items we put in our purses that can get lost at the bottom of the purse; items like birth control, lipstick, camera, business cards or business card holders, slim reading glasses, batting cage tokens, and jewelry that became heavy or distracting throughout the day and need to be put away.

4) Straps & Stitching

The straps and stitching of most purses look like trash. Then you exacerbate the problem, by making them two tone or of another color entirely. The saying “hiding in plain sight” does not apply here. The cheapest is out for all to see. I beg you to fix this.

5) Lining

I once had a bag that I absolutely loved. It was a true rarity that has yet to be seen again in all my shopping days. It has three amazing outside pockets. It has perfect straps and stylish details. Its main opening even has a zipper. The only flaw is the atrocious pattern of the lining. It is a cheesy flower pattern. The outside is chic, sleek and cool. The inside is a child’s dress. Damn. Please stop with the “fun” inside the purses.

6) Branding

For the love of god, get your signage off my bag. The only name that should be on a person’s handbag is the owner’s.

You see, a purse is a tool in our lives, like a desk or car. We want it to be pretty, but we need it work. Please unite these requests.


Vanessa Valiente, Personal Stylist

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