Designer fashion does not sway me. The price tag and eccentricities or pretension of the designer add nothing to the appeal of an garment. Rareity and quality is all I need. Not everyone feels this way. Recently I worked with a difficult client. She wasn't liking much of what I brought her. A bit of the devil crawled into me – I had to test my theory. I held up one of the most boresome and ill fitting Prada tops I could find. I made sure to say Prada. Then I held up a stunning well made Ann Taylor top. She actually considered the Prada top. She had to fight her own inner demons to end up choosing the Ann Taylor top.

Now that I have tooted my own horn, I will admit there is one designer that I have to have. There is one name that moves me and makes a garment extra special. A name that gives more value to a dress that it does not necessarily deserve… Halston Heritage. I must have Halston. 

One of my most recent purchases is a frock from the bridal collection of Halston Heritage, but don't expect any wedding invitations. I am just wearing it to brunch and apparently nightclubs. In the picture I have paired it with KORS suede wedges and an Ann Taylor necklace.