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Ten Tips For Picking Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses


Beyond it being wedding season, there are three reasons I am inspired today to share with you brides-to-be and associated parties 10 tips and ideas for choosing stylish bridesmaid dresses.

One, my best friend of 19 years is getting married and not only am I a bridesmaid, I am the maid of honor. Two, last week I just styled a stunning bridesmaid photo shoot for the next issue of Exquisite Weddings Magazine. And, four, I will begin offering Wedding Styling for Southern California clients.

First tip to keep in mind: Very rarely does a group of women all look great in the same style of dress. Best bet is to assign them a color and hem line and then have each woman choose their preferred style. Many brands, labels and stores like David’s Bridal create various styles in the same fabric and color.


Second Tip: Shiny or reflective fabrics rarely look expensive or timeless. Best to avoid satin, sateen or anything with a high luster.

Third Tip: Rich and deep colors will flatter most skin tones where as light hues and pastels often wash people out. Some examples of rich colors include sunny yellow, emerald green, deep purple, indigo etc. Pale colors include baby blue, soft pink and lime green.

Tip Four: There are a few daring brides out there that are trading in the traditional white gown for a colored one. For those bold brides, keep a version of the “white” tradition alive by putting your bridesmaids in the colorless hue.


Tip Five: Try a pattern. You don’t always have to have a solid color for your bridesmaid dresses. Browse cocktail dresses instead of designated bridesmaid frocks and see the elegant patterns available in stores. There are plenty out there that can go beautifully with your location and flowers without overwhelming the look of your wedding.

Tip Six: Play with the shoes. If you have very traditional dresses have some fun with the shoes. Try a fashion forward wedge, platform or heel to add some flare to the look.

Tip Seven: Headpieces and hats are a wonderful way to add drama to your wedding crew.

Tip Eight: Less isn’t always more. Getting your bridesmaids bold necklaces to unite the group, (instead of delicate ones) can be dazzling.


Tip Nine: Men aren’t the only ones who can wear a tux. If you really want to stand out in your gown, put your bridesmaids in some sleek and feminine tuxes or suits.

Tip Ten: Go for a textured dress. Feathers, beading, crystals, pleats and other things of this nature are all wonderful ideas for a more fashion forward bridesmaid look.

A small note: Your bridesmaids are your support group for this serious occassion. Return that support by choosing flattering and comfortable dresses. On the flipside of that, this is your event, not theirs. They need to wear what you tell them without giving you any guff. Just don’t ask a pauper to dish out big bucks for a dress she will never wear again.


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