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Remembering Ghurka Luxury Leather Bags


Satchel Bag $795

My dear friend invited me to Colorado’s SmithFork Ranch because she knew I loved horseback riding and needed a getaway, but I got so much more than a massage, exquisite views and decadent eats. I had no idea going to the Andrew Harper recommended luxury ranch would also put me at a dinner table with Marley Hodgson, the founder of Ghurka leather bags, and his lovely wife Linda.

After watching another guest display his earnest devotion to the Ghurka bag, and hearing Marley’s enthusiastic tales of his past, I had to look into Ghurka again. It has been too long since I have thought of them. Although Marley sold the company ages ago, Ghurka still provides gorgeous leathers, distinguished designs and embraces the line’s origins. I adored reading about Ghurka’s history, including the soldiers the line was named after for their “bravery, loyalty and cheerful indifference to all difficulty.”

What I didn’t care to read was the website’s SEO title, “Designer Leather Bags for Men.” It makes perfect sense, having been developed by a man for a man, but their leather goods are as equally genderless as they are gorgeous. The duffel and messenger bags are absolutely timeless and an amazing addition to any wardrobe.


Document Pouch $295

Is Ghurka too masculine for you?

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