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Michelle Monaghan is Best Dressed At San Diego Film Festival

san diego film festival

Michelle Monaghan in J.Mendel

Another sweet treat from America’s Finest City is the San Diego Film Festival. This 13-year old event was at its best this year with over 100 studio films and numerous stars in attendance including Michelle Monaghan, Alan Arkin, Beau Bridges, Alison Pill, Tom Berenger and Josh Duhamel.

The festival opened last Wednesday with the much anticipated film adaptation of the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Despite my reservations of Reese Witherspoon  playing Cheryl, I was impressed with the end result. Wild is one of the best book to movie translations I have yet to see since Fight Club. But you didn’t come here to read about my film degree spoutings. I am here to report fashion… but first, let’s talk charm. The San Diego Film Festival is chock full of charm… Beau Brides is awesome, Alan Arkin is Alan Arkin, Eli Roth is vivacious, and Michelle Monaghan is delight in a jar. Beyond the big hitters’ charm is the sparks from the small hitters and even the no-hitters. All the attendees ooze personality and present mind. It’s so refreshing to attend creative events where everyone is encouraged to join in and socialize. The chairman of the festival, Dale Strack, spoke proudly at the event on numerous occasions about the intimate yet openness of the event. To explain, anyone can buy a pass and this pass will not only get you access to all the films, but attendance to the parties. These parties put you next to and often in conversation with the talent of the films. A lovely example is Tom Berenger who attended each event with only his wife as entourage. I watched him take pictures and chat with every person who came his way.

But back to fashion… despite the numerous contenders in stylish stitches, the winner of San Diego Film Festival’s best dressed guest goes to Michelle Monaghan in a paneled leather dress by J.Mendel. She topped off her dress beautifully with minimal jewelry and sparkling pumps. The lesson of her look is one I live by myself: throw on a power piece dress and call it a day.

san diego film festival

san diego film festivaltan_dress_shoe_mouse





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