Product Review: Sexy Tummy Tamer by Leonisa


Leonisa’s Vintage Lace Tummy Control Bodysuit ($52) is beautiful. It is intricately sexy. I opened the package that contained it while a friend was over. As I revealed the loot within the package, she gasped and stared. Wide eyed she said, if it made sense, all she would own and wear is lingerie. She held that bodysuit in her hands, eyeing all its details for about 15 minutes before I was forced to pull it out of her hands and put it out of sight. I wanted to get back to our popcorn eating. 

Like most shapewear, this pretty specimen does the trick, slimming your waist and flattening your belly. What makes this one special is the bum. So few full bottom shapewear and even standard underwear, flatter the behind. It usually creates a crease across the cheeks. Not this one. The bum portion is made of lace that lays gently on the bum. It is extremely sexy and wonderful to the eye.  


As for actual sex appeal, although tummy taming shapewear creates the appearance of a lovely and smooth torso, there is nothing less sexy then getting into or out of shape wear. This piece is no exception and may be one of the most difficult contraptions I have ever faced. Mother of god, it is like riding a raging bull getting into this item and only slightly less interesting to get out of it. When you finally accomplish the feat, you are standing there heaving, sweating, cursing, hair a mess and pleasure beaten out of you. I would never attempt removing this from my body in front of a man I wanted to attract. If you did wear this on a date, it is because you are working on staying at second base. In fact, this is the best way for a lady with little discipline with sex, to stop getting naked with men. It’s not a fool proof plan, as the crotch opens for easy access, but it certainly stops nudity. In fact, this is a great piece for a woman who likes sex, but feels self-conscious about their mid section. You can expose everything else and still cover your stomach. If the man insists on wanting you naked, simply say, “Hey buddy, if you can get me out of it, you deserve to see me naked, not to mention the Congressional Medal of Honor.” Unless he wields a knife, he will be defenseless against this tummy tamer, no matter how much valor he shows beyond the call of duty.

Still, if you are dedicated to shapewear, date or no date, the only thing less sexy then clawing out of pretty shape wear, is grappling with ugly shape wear. I vote for the pretty one.

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