how to wear statement pendant necklaces

dress: Eliza J, necklace: Baublebar, bracelet: Baublebar, left shoe option: Fitzwell, right shoe option: LifeStride

My new fascination is statement pendant necklaces, an unfortunate occurrence because statement pendant necklaces are difficult to find in the sea of dainty pendants and behemoth chokers. How to wear statement pendant necklaces is the least of our issues, we need to find it first. Thankfully, I did find one that I am absolutely loving. Two actually since it has very different color options. My favorite statement pendant necklace is from Bauble Bar, a new line that Nordstrom is carrying. It comes in clear and gold, as well as tortoise shell. I am personally taking part in the clear jewel, and it looks like you may have to as well. It appears my client (pictured above) got the last tortoise shell goody online. Although I bet it is a different story in stores. A sales associate can always hunt it down for you.

How To Wear: You want a higher neckline when statement pendant necklaces grace your décolletage. You can wear a solid colored garment or, in the case of the clear pendant, use a printed garment. As you can see, I love to pair it with dresses. I find it shows off the necklace and your body when you pair it with a dress. You can definitely pair it with a blouse and pant as well, but if you are wearing a shorter shirt or tucking in your blouse, you won’t look as streamlined as you would in a dress.

What Not To Wear: I recommend skipping a belt. A long and chunky necklace, the epitome of statement pendant necklaces, can add weight to your body if you pair it with an outfit that cuts your body in half. You will also look over styled. Too many accessories can sometimes be too many accessories. Another request is to go light on your ears. Just some stud earrings will be fine. Lastly, no puffy or wide sleeves with it. Think leaner looks.

statement pendant necklaces

how to wear statement pendant necklaces