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Stylish Earphones and Colorful Headphones

Stylish Headphones and Colorful Earphones


I am a perfectionist. I always tell my clients, “I will show you how to do perfect. It’s up to you to decide whether perfection is needed.” Many of my clients love the perfection. They sigh with relief that someone can give them the perfection they crave that is often denied or hassled when requested. Other clients love the option, but enjoy my patience and acceptance of their preference for close-to-perfect. It’s true, perfection can take more time, money, and outside resources. If left unchecked, perfectionism can wreck beautiful havoc on your life.

I fear that has become the case in my  life. It has infected all the items of my life. I am officially styling my life. Everything, and I mean everything, needs to be perfectly stylish. My client files, my toothbrush, my water dispenser, my hand towels, my camera case, my hand sanitizer and more have all been selected for loveliness, charm, color and, of course, utility. The most important part of perfect beauty is it’s ability to do its job. Nothing is more exciting than the fabulous shoe that lasts all day, a wonderfully printed carry-on suitcase that holds a 7-day trip’s packing perfectly and doesn’t split after seven flights, or a sunglasses case that is both hard to crack and delightfully pink and orange. Somewhat slowly, but most certainly surely, everything in my possession is being replaced with a stylish counterpart that can pull it’s weight. Recently I have been working on the technology aspect of my life. At the moment I am thinking earphones.

For those seeking perfectly stylish earphones and colorful headphones, behold the fashionable appearance of these audio goodies. Let’s just see if they can work as well and last as long as their hum drum predecessors. In Ella earphones‘ case, that doesn’t seem to be the case as many have complained of the quality in relation to it’s price tag. But there is hope. Taylor headphones by Fends with the gold of your choice trim is beloved, but it does leak sound to the outside world. URBANEARS appears to be the real superstar here with great reviews on Amazon.com (they are cheaper on Amazon versus the main website). As for Happy Plugs, I had the pleasure of reviewing them. Although they feel a bit cheapy, the color is fun, the sound is just as good as the iPhone earbuds and the price is right at $25.


Happy Plugs $25

stylish headphones and colorful earphones

Taylor Headphones by Fends $199


Ella Earphones by Fends $99

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  1. I love the white Taylor ones by Frends…A must for my music!!! Thanks for a great post. Love your writing. xxx

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