stylish long sleeve shirts
Frame $298

A reader requested I do a post on warm stylish long-sleeve shirts that are not thick sweaters. An excellent request as flattering long sleeve shirts are a constantly desired category of clothing come cold weather, but can be quite scarce. Sweaters, of course, are everywhere in winter, but a sweater can be bulky and doesn’t always fit under light or fitted jackets. Then there are the silky long sleeve blouses that are widely available, but provide little to no warmth. We all need that item that fits in between a chunky sweater and a silk blouse, so I got to work finding you the most stylish long sleeve shirts that will keep you warm in winter and can easily fit under a jacket.

Do I Tuck In A Stylish Long Sleeve Shirt?

White stylish long sleeve top
Nation LTD $110

As usual, before I jump into all the shopping advice, let’s go over how to wear your stylish long sleeve shirts. Below are answers to the most common questions I get when creating winter outfits with long sleeve shirts… Let’s start with tucking.

Unless you are wearing a crop top, yes, you need to tuck in your long sleeve shirt. It can be a full tuck or a half tuck. If you don’t want to tuck in your shirt, pair your long sleeve shirt with a size zip pant, like Vince’s stitch front ankle pant.

What Outerwear Do I Wear With A Long Sleeve Shirt?

what outerwear do i wear with a long sleeve shirt
cardigan: Jenni Kayne $345, puffer: North Face $300, quilted jacket: Ralph Lauren $298

A good rule of thumb with long sleeve shirts is: your jacket must be longer than your top. Since you are tucking in most of these shirts, this shouldn’t be an issue. The exception to this would be pairing a fitted long-sleeve shirt over a side zip pant like I mentioned above. In this case, you can have your top showing up to four inches below the hem of your jacket. Often I use a leather jacket in this case.

Do not wear a lightweight cardigan over your long sleeve shirt. Your shirt’s fabric will bulk up and show through the thin fabric of the cardigan. Instead, wear a heavier cardigan that has the space for a sleeve and can hide any bunching if it occurs.

Some of the shirts featured in this post have puff sleeves or shoulder embellishments. The best jackets for these stylish long sleeve tops are jackets with synthetic lining inside. You want that silky material to slip over that extra shirt fabric. A cashmere or cotton-based jacket or cardigan will catch and grab any excess fabulosity.

Slimming Long Sleeve Shirts

best long sleeve shirt if you have a belly and back fat
Nic + Zoe $108 $86.40

The most slimming style of long sleeve shirts has a scoop neck, is fitted in the arms and breast area, and then flares ever so lightly at the back and belly. This keeps bra lines, back fat and belly activity your private business. This slimming long sleeve shirt by Nic + Zoe has been a massive client favorite for this reason. It’s available at Nordstrom, Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus.

Body type Tip: We often hem it because it is quite long, but this is great if you are taller with a long torso. Runs true to size.

Softest Stylish Long Sleeve Shirt

softest stylish long sleeve shirt
Amour Vert $68 (blue here, green here)

This insanely soft long sleeve shirt by Amour Vert has a long torso and sleeves that work great for taller women. I still wear it as a 5’4″ woman, but I have hemmed the length and scrunch up the sleeves.

Body Type Tip: This top is not great for hiding back fat. If you have extra flesh like I do, wear a bra that doesn’t cut into your flesh, or skip a bra. This “dream knit” fabric is strong enough to give your breasts some shape, but it will show your nipples and offers no support. Long story short, if you are self-conscious about back fat and would be mortified if your nipples showed, skip this top. Runs true to size.

Best Long Sleeve Turtlenecks for Layering

best long sleeve turtleneck for layering
white: Aritzia $40, pink: Uniqlo $19.90, brown: Skims $56

One of my favorite stylish long sleeve shirts is the layering turtleneck. I put these under sleeveless dresses or jumpsuits come winter. In order for this layered look to be chic and slimming, the turtleneck must be a synthetic fabric aka sleek, and tight. Not so tight that you are physically uncomfortable, but tight enough that if you wore it on its own, you would feel exposed. If you try to sport a cotton turtleneck or an unfitted turtleneck underneath a sleeveless dress or jumpsuit it will wrinkle, bunch, add weight, and look unpolished.

Body Type Tip: This looks best on folks with medium to smaller busts.

Best Long Sleeve Crew Neck Shirts for Layering

best long sleeve crew neck shirts for layering
white: Skims $54, blue: Skims $54

Although the turtlenecks listed above are insanely comfortable, some people have an emotional or physical aversion to any kind of fabric on their necks. Plus sometimes you just require a crewneck. Here are a few reasons you would want a layering long sleeve crewneck shirt:

  1. To create a barrier between an itchy sweater and your skin
  2. As an extra layer of warmth under a sweater
  3. You want to wear a neck scarf

The two long sleeve crewnecks pictured above are both by Skims. The blue one is 90% cotton, while the white one is a polyamide/elastane blend. Both are excellent for layering.

Sizing Tip: It is supposed to be tight. So order your true size.

Best Non-Sheer Off-White Stylish Long Sleeve Shirt

stylish long sleeve shirts
Frame $298

This stylish long sleeve Frame shirt is a versatile shade of cream and is one of the few light-colored shirts that is not sheer whatsoever. It is available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Net-A-Porter, and Shopbop.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

Stylish Long Sleeve Shirt: The Lightweight Sweater

stylish long sleeve shirt
Nordstrom $69 $41.40

A lightweight sweater is basically a long sleeve shirt. It adds warmth, fits under a jacket, and doesn’t take up much space in a suitcase. This lightweight sweater by Nordstrom is one of my favorite sweaters that can mask as a stylish long sleeve shirt.  It doesn’t cling to back fat, the lavender color complements most skin tones, and the soft v-neck is so flattering.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

Most Stylish Long Sleeve Turtleneck Shirt

Stylish Long Sleeve Shirts
Free People $78

It is rare to find a unique turtleneck like this. This stylish long sleeve shirt by Free People is available at Bloomingdales and Free People.

Sizing Tip: This top can be too fitted for some people’s taste, so order your true size as well as a size up.

Best Cropped Stylish Long Sleeve Crewneck Shirt

stylish long sleeve shirt
Maeve $58

We are all in desperate need of cropped long sleeve shirts to go with our cropped wide-leg pants this winter. Plus, this top comes in a delicious lavender color, and you know I love pastel winter outfits. This cropped long sleeve shirt is available at Anthropologie.

Sizing Tip: Runs slightly small. Order your true size and a size up to compare.

Stylish Long Sleeve Shirts: Wearing A Cardigan As a Shirt

stylish long sleeve shirts
Reformation $78

I recently did a full blog post on how to wear a cardigan as a shirt, but wanted to remind you that this is one of my favorite stylish long sleeve shirt options in winter. This cardigan that can double as a shirt is available at Nordstrom and Reformation.

Sizing Tip: Runs slightly small. Order your true size and a size up to compare.

The Best Stylish Long Sleeve Shirts For Winter

Below are the rest of my favorite stylish long sleeve shirts that I have recently put on my clients that don’t fit nicely into a specific subheading. I will update this regularly with fresh shopping for you to peruse.

Open Edit Semisheer V-Neck Dolman Sleeve Sweater

stylish long sleeve shirt
Open Edit $29.90

Club Monaco Mixed Yarn V-Neck Sweater

stylish long sleeve shirts
Club Monaco $83.70

This stylish long sleeve Club Monaco top is available at Nordstrom.

Citizens of Humanity Aideen Long Sleeve Henley

stylish long sleeve top
Citizens of Humanity $148

This Citizens of Humanity long sleeve shirt is available at Nordstrom.

Baum und Pferdgarten Jodi Cheetah Garden Print Stretch Recycled Polyester Top

stylish long sleeve shirt
Baum und Pferdgarten $99

This Baum und Pferdgarten stylish long sleeve shirt is available at Nordstrom.

T.La Ruffled Turtleneck Top

stylish long sleeve shirt $68

This stylish long sleeve shirt is available at Anthropologie.

C by Bloomingdale’s Crochet Cable Cashmere Sweater

stylish long sleeve shirts
Bloomingdale’s $198 $79.99

This Bloomingdale’s stylish long sleeve shirt is available at Bloomingdale’s.

REISS Jolie Ruched Sleeve Sweater

stylish long sleeve shirts
REISS $210 $106

This REISS stylish long sleeve shirt is available at Bloomingdale’s and REISS.