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Pastel Winter Outfits

winter outfits
jacket: J.Crew (can be rented, here), turtleneck: J.Crew, pants: Tibi (rent them, here), booties: Marc Fisher, earrings: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana, purse: Papaya Art

Come January, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, more fabulous than pastel winter outfits. Pastel-colored winter outfits are fun, joyous, chic, and unique. They completely redefine the winter color palette and banish the seasonal fashion slump. As I tell my client who is massively affected by winter’s dreary colors, let’s turn those winter blues into baby blues.

How To Wear Pastel Winter Outfits

Let’s start with the basics, here are the most flattering winter pastel colors to wear:

  1. Soft yellow
  2. True white
  3. Baby blue
  4. Blushy pinks
  5. Nudes
  6. Lavender

What Color Shoes To Wear With A Pastel Winter Outfit

The number one rule of wearing a pastel winter outfit is to wear the right shoes. Nothing can ruin the excellence of a gorgeous pastel look faster than pairing it with black shoes. You need your shoes to have the same lightness as the rest of your outfit. If needed, the shoe can be a little darker, but please don’t push it. Hands down, the most versatile shoe colors to wear with a pastel winter outfit are white and blush pink. Yellow is also quite versatile and you don’t have to be that strict about choosing the right yellow for your skin tone since it is far from your face. You can also wear silver shoes with most pastel outfits. Lavender and baby blue are not as versatile shoe colors, but oh so fun, and brands are actually making them. Be still my heart.


What Outerwear To Wear With A Pastel Winter Outfit

You need a light-colored jacket or sweater to top off your pastel look. This is probably where all of you need to go shopping. I highly recommend a lavender, pink, or baby blue jacket.

If that seems like too much for your personal style, here is an easy pastel-inspired winter outfit using things you most likely already own: a chunky white sweater, medium to light blue jeans, white booties, and a lavender handbag. Viola.

What Not To Wear With Pastel Winter Outfits

In order to pull off pastel winter outfits, you need to skip a lot of things that you usually wear. You cannot wear black. Yes, no black. This is the hardest for people. Everyone thinks you need black. You do not. Black will murder these gorgeous pastel looks. You also have to skip dark brown, burgundy, and dark grey. Basically, skip all darker colors with these winter outfits, including darker blue jeans. You want to embrace a lighter palette completely.

Photos by Dayley Photography 

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    1. Right?! I can’t get enough pastels – they bring so much joy in the dreary season.

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