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Stylish Outdoor Clothing – A Hiking Capsule Collection

stylish outdoor clothing
REI Co-op $89.95 $44.83

I dress and pack my clients for every kind of occasion and trip in their lives. With summer in full swing, I am helping multiple clients pack for hiking adventures, safaris, equestrian trips, and more. This involves finding stylish outdoor clothing. When preparing for these trips, the first prerequisite is, of course, utility. All items listed below are designed to be active wear. From there, color and silhouette become my number one priority. When purchased all together, the outdoor clothing items listed below form the perfect hiking capsule collection for your next outdoor adventure or camping getaway.

Nike Pro Classic Swoosh Sports Bra

stylish outdoor clothing
Nike $30 $22.50

This Nike Pro Classic Swoosh Sports Bra is my all-time favorite, go-to sports bra. As a large C-cup, I used to have to wear two sports bras. But, not with this one. It’s perfectly supportive. This bra is available at Zappos, Amazon, and Nike.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

Keen Women’s Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe

stylish outdoor clothing
Keen $80.19 – $223.74

I adore the Keen Women’s Terradora Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe. It comes in numerous colors, but this is the color I will be using for this hiking capsule collection. The shoe is available at AmazonREI, and Zappos.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

Patagonia Capilene Daily Graphic T-Shirt

stylish outdoor clothing
Patagonia $39

This Patagonia Capilene Daily Graphic T-Shirt is one of the few v-neck graphic tees that actually “works”. Most don’t have the graphic in the right place, or it looks weird. Made from moisture-wicking fabric, it is designed to provide stay-cool and non-bunching comfort. It is also UPF 50+ and isn’t supposed to smell. This shirt is available at REI and Patagonia.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size, but you could go smaller for a tighter fit.

Athleta Sunlover UPF Tulip Back Top

stylish outdoor clothing
Athleta $59

When I’m hiking, I am always trying to avoid tan lines and sun damage. This is why I wear lightweight long sleeve shirts in the summer like this Athleta Sunlover UPF Tulip Back Top. To provide extra cooling power and style, the shirt opens in the back. This top is available at REI and Athleta.

Sierra Designs Trail Tank Top

stylish outdoor clothing
Sierra Designs $60 $41.73

This Sierra Designs Trail Tank Top is a standard women’s work out shirt, but it’s flattering and looks fabulous with the series of green and brown pants listed below.

Lululemon Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II Nulux 25″

stylish outdoor clothing
Lululemon $128

These Lululemon Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II Nulux 25″ are the best. I own five pairs and can’t stop talking about them. They are lightweight, cool, dry insanely fast when wet (I’ve gone for a swim in them), and have amazing pockets that never let anything fall out. Their high waist is also crazy flattering. These will be your go-to pant for hot-as-crap hikes.

You may be thinking that on a hot hike you want to wear shorts, but you’ll notice there are no shorts in this capsule collection. I always wear pants on my hiking trips to protect my skin from sun, scratches, poison oak/ivy, and anything else I don’t want touching my legs while I’m exploring. I will be doing a running post soon though, and will let you know which shorts I have tested. By the way, this dark olive pant ended up being the most versatile item on this list.

Sizing Tip: Runs small. Order a size up. I wear an 8 instead of my usual 6.

prAna Moto Leggings

stylish outdoor clothing
prAna $79 $50.73

These prAna Moto Leggings are a warmer pant for cooler hikes and chilly evenings. They are a softer fabric, without the silky texture of other workout pants I will mention. These leggings are available at REI and Amazon.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size, but you could probably go up a size.

prAna Urbanite Pants

stylish outdoor clothing
prAna $89 $57.73

You can describe the feel of these prAna Urbanite Pants as something between the Lululemon pants and the first prAna pants I mentioned. They are comfortable, flattering, and have great pockets. These leggings are available at REI and Amazon.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size, but you could probably go up a size if you wanted.

Lululemon On The Fly Pant 28″

stylish outdoor clothing
Lululemon $98

My clients are loving these Lululemon On The Fly Pant 28″. You can lounge or hike in them, but just remember to tuck the front of your shirt in for the most flattering look. If you’re worried about adding weight to your look with this silhouette, stick with the sleek looks above, but give these a whirl if you want a baggier feel when hiking.

Sizing Tip: Runs small. Order a size up.

The North Face Venture 2 Rain Jacket

stylish outdoor clothing
The North Face $68.93 – $119.00

For downpours, you’re going to like this North Face Venture 2 Rain Jacket. This jacket is available at REI, Amazon, and Zappos.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size. If you don’t plan on wearing it over anything thick, go a size down.

The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket

stylish outdoor clothing
The North Face $199

This North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket is for those chilly nights. If you’re really cold, wear this underneath the North Face jacket directly above. It looks great layered. This jacket is available at ZapposAmazon, and REI.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

REI Co-op Coleridge Pullover Windbreaker

stylish outdoor clothing
REI Co-op $89.95 $44.83

I adore the print and silhouette of this REI Co-op Coleridge Pullover Windbreaker. Talk about stylish outdoor clothing that actually works. It’s water resistant, lightweight, and looks amazing with all the sleek pants and the bold, pinkish-colored Keen boots listed at the top of the post. It doesn’t look as amazing with the baggier Lululemon On the Fly Pant, but it’s not going to kill you to pair them together if needed.

Sizing Tip: Runs big. Order a size or two down.

Keen Terradora Waterproof Hiking Boot (Bonus)

stylish outdoor clothing
Keen $139.95–$142.95

This is my favorite color of the Keen Terradora Waterproof Hiking Boot. I wear these with my Lululemon pants in navy. On top, I switch between a baby blue, indigo, and black tank or top. This color is available at Nordstrom, REI, Zappos, and Amazon.

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