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What Is A Mock Turtleneck & Why Do I Want it?

mock turtleneck
dress: Co, belt: Halogen (similar here and here), shoes: INC, earrings: Jules Smith

What Is A Mock Turtleneck?

The mock turtleneck is a beautiful invention. While the turtleneck has a long neck that must be either folded over or scrunched down just right, the mock turtleneck (or, mock neck) has just a couple inches of fabric that reach up to your neck without strangling you. Don’t get me wrong, I adore a turtleneck, but it doesn’t always work. In the cold, the gorgeous folds of the turtleneck are chic and cozy, but once you walk into a well-heated room it can feel as if the sole duty of the turtleneck is to devour your neck, leaving behind droppings of sweat. In short, your environment (or your body temperature) needs to be consistently chilly for a turtleneck to make sense. Enter the mock turtleneck.


Can I Wear A Mock Turtleneck Year-Round?

Yes, you can wear the mock turtleneck year-round as many are made from lighter weight fabrics and come in the form of year-round garments, such as sleeveless dresses and crop tops. When in doubt on whether you should wear it or not, remember what I always say, dress for the weather, not for the season.

Where Do I find Mock Turtlenecks?

Per usual with unique garments, I recommend shopping online. Go to your favorite handful of stores and type “mock turtleneck” or “mock neck” into the search engine, and all items from dresses to tops with a mock turtleneck will populate. From there you can filter your search to dresses, tops, or sweaters. This is exactly what I do when I shop online for myself and my clients.  Above you will see my favorite mock neck items right now. My favorite is the mock neck dress, as you may have already guessed.

Makeup by Antonella Annibale using exclusively Beauty Counter Makeup 

Photography by Dayley Photography

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