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What is Cost Per Wear?


Cost per wear is dividing the cost of a garment by the number of times you wear it. For instance, if you paid $100 for a cheeky blazer and wore it five times, the cost is $20 each time you wear it. I like to think of it like admission to a theme park. How much fun am I going to have in that blazer? Let's say, that blazer is truly a conversation starter and I select it for a night out, it's like I paid $20 for the conversational ride.

Granted, the cost per wear is never quite accurate because you don't always know how much you will be wearing an item. For instance, let's say this wild blazer I purchased for $100 turns out to be uncomfortable. I end up wearing it once due to this discomfort. That means that ride in that blazer ends up being $100. Was the ride worth it? I've worn some weird blazers in my day that have gotten me out of awkward social snafus and snagged me a friend or two. Sometimes it is worth it. It's like paying $100 for a concert ticket.

When purchasing a garment, you must always keep in mind the value. Cost per wear is one way to see the value. Another way to put a value on the purchase is the Hour Value. Let's say you make $25/hour. Would you be willing to work four hours for that $100 jacket? If you love your job, absolutely. If four hours of your job is a trip through hell, well, maybe that blazer is not that fabulous and may I recommend a career change.

You can also think about what you miss out on when purchasing a garment. In economics, you refer to this as the opportunity cost. I for one, am not the biggest fan of concerts, especially big sold out ones. If someone asked me if I had to choose between a $100 concert experience and this imaginary, yet very cool, $100 blazer, I would choose that blazer. There are some music lovers who would disagree. 

The last thought to partake in when adding clothing to your wardrobe… what is the value of feeling confident, beautiful and stylish? What is the value of people seeing you as a fashionable person in quality clothing? How much are you willing to pay to feel comfortable both physically and emotionally in your clothes? Only you know the answer to that.

When purchasing clothing, choose a value method that works for you and make sure you're purchasing clothing you will actually wear and make you feel your best. 

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  1. Few fashion people talk about the real cost of dressing, and if the wearing experience is worth the cost. This is a great article!

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