TOP: J.Crew, PANTS: J.Crew, SHOES: Me Too, EARRINGS: Bloomingdale’s, SUNGLASSES: La Loupe Vintage 

Between the chilling weather and my obsession with my bike, the time for pants is here, although I am often surprised by a dress’ ability to stay in place when bike riding. Still, it’s cold now.

When putting together a stylish outfit for your nippy bike riding days, you want pants that meld to your body like skinny jeans, leggings, or the Minnie pant that I am pictured in, otherwise you risk getting the fabric caught on the bike chain, which is both dangerous to your life as well as your pants. If you decide to wear a wider leg pant, make sure you peg your pants to avoid mishaps.

As for shoes, I have tried riding my bike in heels and I am going to have to say, it’s not nearly as cool as it sounds. You also want to stay away from shoes that fall off easily, like flip-flops. It can be distracting or dangerous. Cute shoes for your cycling habits are sneakers with short and tidy shoelaces, lean boots, wedges with straps, and flats with a back.

With your bottom half encapsulating stylish utility, your top is your free space. I topped off my safe flats and purple skinny capri’s with a rust colored pullover sweater. I love the unusual combination of the two contradictory shades.


Photos by Robin Dayley