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When To Carry A Minaudière Clutch Purse


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The petite glory of a minaudiere clutch purse is insanely inefficient. It is structured, therefore there is no leeway as to how many items can fit in the purse. There will be no pushing. It is small, limiting the items that explicit structured piece will allow. And unlike large flexible clutches you can place underneath your arm and hold comfortably against your body to free your hands, the minaudiere must be held in your grasp at all times. Otherwise you risk rigid underam discomfort and appear as if you are attempting to hide a small box in your armpit.

Therefore, if you want to sport this miniature box purse, these are the occasions to take advantage…

A party at your own home…

Stick your phone in it and call it a day. You don’t need money or identification, and any other items you need, like lipstick, are nearby where you last put them.

 A party at a close friend’s home…

You know where everything is and feel comfortable to borrow a brush and such. You can leave superfluous items at home.

A date with space…

Whether it be a girlfriend with a bigger purse or a gentleman caller with pockets, these trusted companions will care enough to take on the items the miniaudiere cannot.

Low maintenance evening…

Your date/roommate has the keys, so you don’t need to carry them. Your lips don’t get dry or you have applied crazy long lasting lipstick and don’t plan on eating this evening, so you don’t need lip tools. Your hair is up, so you don’t need a brush. You are trying to be less available, so you should leave your cell phone at home. You are not driving and you are wrinkly enough that no one asks for your identification any longer, so you can skip the ID. Your allergies are under control, eliminating the need for a tissue. You have enough business, so you can skip the business cards. You are on a date with a pushy wealthy person who doesn’t allow you to pay for a thing, so you don’t need money. At this point you are literally free of the need of a purse, but why not stick a good luck charm in the minaudiere or a band-aide and enjoy your lightweight evening.

Have you ever carried a minaudiere?

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