How To Give The Best Gift – 10 Great Gift Ideas

how to give the best gift

The person who said, “It is better to give than to receive,” gave awesome gifts. I assume this because the feeling you get from watching someone’s face authentically light up and express delight after you give them a fantastic or thoughtful gift is one of the best feelings. I recently gave the perfect gift to a 1-year old, and I am still glowing.

Yes, it feels amazing to give, unless of course you are giving a thoughtless, cheap or just mediocre gift. Seeing someone not like what you give them is the pits. Besides feeling disappointed in yourself you also get the added bonus of feeling guilt for wasting money and adding another consumer good to the world that someone didn’t even want. To end that boring feeling, and add more glowing satisfaction in the gift giving realm, here are some tips on how to give the best gifts…

Pay Attention

Pay attention to the people in your life. What do they like? What do they desire that they do not get themselves? What do they always need or want? Keep notes on your loved ones on your cell phone under their contact information. I even keep the sizes of my loved ones under their contact information. When gift giving time comes around, you have loads of ideas and all the information you need to get it. You should take these notes year round. In fact…

Shop Year Round

Don’t wait for a birthday, holiday or anniversary to come around to start your shopping. By the time you receive the paperless post invitation to your best friend’s birthday party, there is a slim chance you’re going to find the perfect gift in time. Instead, keep your eye out for gifts year round. I literally have a little spot in my entry closet for these gifts. I already have my lover’s next gift in there and a present for my best friend’s birthday that isn’t until September.

Go To The Gifts Specialist

I was recently introduced to Uncommongoods, a website that focuses on giving gifts people actually want. They have a handful of shopping categories from vague to detailed that gives lots of choices without overwhelming you. For instance, they have a ‘for him’ shopping category, but they also break it down to interests and types, like ‘Silly Dad.’ It makes shopping very easy and they have a fantastic return policy – no time limit.

Personalize Your Gift

I adore monogrammed pieces. J.Crew and Madewell both monogram their handbags, so you can truly give a thoughtful and useful gift. And of course, Uncommon Goods has a ton of personalized gifts from beer glasses to jewelry. My favorite is the Intersection of Love print.

10 Perfect Gifts Ideas To Have On Hand

Whether it be a hectic schedule or a last minute invite, sometimes you need a good gift FAST. Solution? Store a few preemptive gifts that most anyone would love. Here are some great gift ideas to keep on hand…

  1. Wine – Keep Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and your favorite bubbles on hand so you always show up to a party with an appropriate and tasty gift that corresponds to the host’s wine preference.
  2. Gift Cards to a hip restaurant.
  3. Hanky Panky panties – Every woman under a size 16 will love these.
  4. Beauty Goody Bag – The bag should contain beauty products that would suit any gal’s skin tone, like a travel size mascara (mini mascaras can come in .13 oz – .16 oz), your favorite lip balm, and a quality nail polish. Many stores also create lovely goody bags, like this Butter London nail kit.
  5. Cell Phone Gadgets – Iphone users would love an extra pair of genuine Apple earbuds. Its practically a dream come true. Another amazing gift idea is a solar powered cell phone charger. I’d kiss the mouth of anyone that gave me that.
  6. Massage Gift Certificate – This is an amazing gift. I gave one to my Dad who would never get a massage, and he even liked it. It was something he just would never do for himself. The only time this isn’t an easy go-to is for someone who regularly gets massages from a particular person.
  7. Fabulous Printed Scarves – Unique printed scarves are easy to keep on hand and work for just about any stylish or non-stylish woman. For the lady that needs help with said scarf, e-mail her a link to some how to tie a scarf videos.
  8. Movie Tickets – Whether you always go, or never go to cinema, movie tickets are perfect. For those that never go, they get to see what’s out there.
  9. Stretchy Garments – Sizing and fit can be difficult, but when you gift stretchy garments you are almost guaranteed to fit. This can be anything from a cute printed t-shirt to this yummy $20 skirt.
  10. Cards – Stock up on funny, lovely, and beautiful cards so you have one ready to go when you need one.  I often stock up on cards at Trader Joe’s. They have such a charming and inexpensive collection of cards.

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