Unique Wedding Dresses Fast

personal stylist

Since time moves slow when we need it to move fast, and fast when we need it to move slow, it is perfectly logical to say wedding season is almost upon a bride. If you are a wedding savvy planner, you've just put in your dress order at your favorite bridal boutique. If you are not a ...


How To Wear Socks With Booties

how to wear booties

top: Caslon, skirt: Halogen, necklace: J.Crew, booties: Crown Vintage, purse: vintage Booties are the most confusing shoe. They are gorgeous, on trend and edgy, but then they don't seem to go with a lot and often shorten your legs. That's because booties end abruptly at your ankle and need something between this awkward short boot and your leg. Sometimes all it needs is a scrunched skinny ...


How To Stretch Shoes

how to stretch shoes

There are some interesting home remedies for how to stretch shoes from simple sock stuffing and walking around the house to the more complicated freezer approach and water dunking. I was most intrigued by the bucket of water and the freezer since stuffing socks into things is for amateurs, and walking around the house is obvious, but let's start with he obvious. Walk Around The ...


Best Dressed Golden Globes 2015

best dressed at the 72nd golden globes

Emma Stone in Lanvin The 72nd Golden Globe Award's ceremony last night was sparkling with diversity. Jumpsuits, ball gowns, whispy things, and cleavage were a feast for the eyes, but one of my favorite appearances last night was silver. I worship gold like an Aztec conquistador, but seeing the vast amount of silver after it's lengthy hiatus ...


Product Review: Adore Me Bra and Panty Set

bra and panties match

Adore Me lingerie is a relatively new website that specializes in affordable bra and panty sets as well as other intimate wear. When I was approached to review them I hesitated because of the subscription aspect of their product and the "affordable" prices. I am not a fan of these product subscriptions and memberships because ...


5 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas More Interesting Than Just A Dress


Photo Credit: Man Repeller A good dress and a pair of heels is the common garb for New Year's Eve outfits, but, dare I say, let's try something more interesting than a traditional frock. Some of these New Year's Eve outfit ideas will involve a different garment altogether while others can be additions to a dress for a spicier look. Try Sequined Pants For some, it ...


Mostly Under $50 Gift Ideas For Men

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A lot of people struggle with gifts for the opposite sex. Particularly as we get older, people seem to provide for themselves just fine. They want something, they buy it, leaving us with no idea what to give them. The key is to give the men in our lives a gift they wouldn't think to get themselves. Without further ...


Eyelash Extensions – Everything You Need To Know

what you need to know about eyelash extensions

Since I got my skin under control, I try to avoid make-up during my day-to-day life. I like to save my make-up efforts for evenings and weekends. I believe make-up is an accessory to play with as you see fit. It is not something we need. Beyond my philosophical reasons, make-up is often linked to skin issues, eye irritations, and more. ...


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