Cheap To Chic With British Brand Monsoon

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top: similar here, skirt: Monsoon (sold out), bag: Monsoon, heels: J.Crew, bangles: Kris Nations, necklace: Kate Spade, ring: Vince Camuto Monsoon's Image When I arrived in London last week, my British boyfriend #handsomedavid complimented my embroidered handbag. I replied with delight, "I know! Look how cute this is. Monsoon gave it to me." With surprise he said, "Monsoon? ...


Best of Topshop Autumn 2015

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> Mixing is essential to creating an untraceable personal style. If you only shop one store for one style over and over again, your look will lack dimension. Basically, if your style can be summed up in one word: Boho. Nordstrom. Grunge. Preppy. J.Crew. Glamorous. Your style is not interesting, which is no fun. Your style should be as ...


How To Tie A Large Square Scarf In Summer

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scarf: J.Crew, tank: Forever 21, belt: J.Crew, shorts: J.Crew, shoes: DVF, clutch: J.Crew, earrings: Bloomingdale's, rings: unknown  A summer scarf, by my definition, is a brightly colored scarf made from a cotton, rayon, light-weight cashmere or linen blend. A large one tends to be 40-55 square inches, which is a size so bizarre people often have no clue what ...


Stylish Breastfeeding Tops

stylish-breast feeding tops

As many folks know, breastfeeding is not just the best way to feed a baby, it is essential to a healthy baby and mommy. In fact, my dear friend, Psychological Scientist Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook is conducting numerous studies on the consequences of breastfeeding versus formula even further. As Dr. Hahn-Holbrook and other experts reveal more evidence of breastfeeding benefits and ...


Does Dryel Work? – The At Home Dry Cleaner


When Dryel contacted me to review them, the word thrilled comes to mind. I have been meaning to try them for ten years because I hate the dry cleaner. As I approached the package sent to me, it felt predestined. What is Dryel? Dryel is an at-home dry cleaning kit that safely cleans your Dry Clean Only garments at home using your dryer, their Reusable ...