Grocery Chic – What To Wear Running Errands

grocery chic

t-shirt: Lucky Brand, pants: Brochu Walker, sandals: French Connection (on sale here), bracelet: Nadri, cross body bag: Katloo  'Grocery Chic' is one of my many terms I use with clients to explain fashion. I use 'Grocery Chic' to reference the occasions one leaves the house for nothing important. "You know, just going to the grocery." For many of my clients, nothing is ...


7 Things To Pack For London In Fall

what to pack for london

jewelry: Frieda Rothman earrings (similar) and stacking rings, top: J.Crew, pants: J.Crew, shoes: Kate Spade (different colors here), bag: Streets Ahead (different color), coat: J.Crew (similar) I have just returned from London Fashion Week. This will be my third LFW and, I believe, my 18th trip to London. I am officially an expert on packing for the Big ...


Stowaway Makeup, The Right-Sized Makeup

stowaway makeup review

The endless selection of makeup is superfluous and often confusing. With this in mind, I only write about truly useful beauty products that cross my path. I am happy to report that Stowaway "right-sized" makeup qualifies. Stowaway is a new makeup line that is based on the idea that women don't finish their beauty products before they expire, ...


Bracelets For Small Wrists & Large Wrists – What Is Your Bracelet Size?

bracelets for large wrists

I have many clients that struggle with bracelets. My clients with small wrists deal with bracelets falling off their hands or looking oversized, while those with larger wrists struggle to find bracelets that are big enough for them. The problem of finding bracelets that fit well is not so much a lack of inventory of smaller or larger bracelets. ...


What To Wear If You’re Stain Prone (Or A Mom)

stain prone

dress: Loft, earrings: Banana Republic, lipstick: Dior I have so many clients that are parents to young children or simply stain prone. Their biggest frustrations are silk, white, and 'dry-clean only' garments. Whites and silks easily stain, while too much 'dry-clean only' can be a headache. Some of them only wear t-shirts and jeans for fear of destroying anything ...


Flattering Graphic T-Shirts For Adult Women

flattering graphic t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts can be a bit of a young thing for the most part. Especially with all the immature or inane slogans and graphics printed out there. The fit alone is enough to make a stylish adult woman turn away. Tight or boxy are not delightful choices. But the right graphic t-shirt that flatters your torso, and charms you with its imagery ...


How To Wear A Shawl aka The Oblong Scarf

how to wear a shawl

dress: Loft... (similar style here), shawl: Lilly Lionel... (similar scarf here), aqua earrings: Freida Rothman... (similar pair here), aqua ring: Freida Rothman, gold circle ring: Ann Taylor, bangles: Kris Nations, heels: Enzo Angiolini As I mentioned in a blog post earlier this month, this summer's jacket is a large oblong scarf. I am sure you have noticed, a large oblong scarf ...