Stylish Earphones and Colorful Headphones

Stylish Headphones and Colorful Earphones


I am a perfectionist. I always tell my clients, “I will show you how to do perfect. It’s up to you to decide whether perfection is needed.” Many of my clients love the perfection. They sigh with relief that someone can give them the perfection they crave that is often denied or hassled when requested. Other clients love the option, but enjoy my patience and acceptance of their preference for close-to-perfect. It’s true, perfection can take more time, money, and outside resources. If left unchecked, perfectionism can wreck beautiful havoc on your life.

I fear that has become the case in my  life. It has infected all the items of my life. I am officially styling my life. Everything, and I mean everything, needs to be perfectly stylish. My client files, my toothbrush, my water dispenser, my hand towels, my camera case, my hand sanitizer and more have all been selected for loveliness, charm, color and, of course, utility. The most important part of perfect beauty is it’s ability to do its job. Nothing is more exciting than the fabulous shoe that lasts all day, a wonderfully printed carry-on suitcase that holds a 7-day trip’s packing perfectly and doesn’t split after seven flights, or a sunglasses case that is both hard to crack and delightfully pink and orange. Somewhat slowly, but most certainly surely, everything in my possession is being replaced with a stylish counterpart that can pull it’s weight. Recently I have been working on the technology aspect of my life. At the moment I am thinking earphones.

For those seeking perfectly stylish earphones and colorful headphones, behold the fashionable appearance of these audio goodies. Let’s just see if they can work as well and last as long as their hum drum predecessors. In Ella earphones‘ case, that doesn’t seem to be the case as many have complained of the quality in relation to it’s price tag. But there is hope. Taylor headphones by Fends with the gold of your choice trim is beloved, but it does leak sound to the outside world. URBANEARS appears to be the real superstar here with great reviews on (they are cheaper on Amazon versus the main website). As for Happy Plugs, I had the pleasure of reviewing them. Although they feel a bit cheapy, the color is fun, the sound is just as good as the iPhone earbuds and the price is right at $25.


Happy Plugs $25

stylish headphones and colorful earphones

Taylor Headphones by Fends $199


Ella Earphones by Fends $99


Caslon Knit Blazer… The Softest, Most Comfortable Structured Jacket

Most Comfortable Structured Jacket

A true client favorite, this Caslon jacket is the softest most comfortable structured knit blazer I have seen this spring, probably longer. It is a super star, working with women in their fifties and their twenties and going everywhere from dog walking, to dinner out. When an item like this comes out, it makes me look so very good to my clients. It is flattering all sorts of body types, and the dressy structure mixed with the casual knit fabric gives that effortlessly stylish essence we all crave. My absolute favorite part about it, is I can firmly tell my client to pass on the hoodie, or zip up what-have-you, and choose this instead. Finally they can be comfortable and look put together as they run their errands or work from home. There is nothing more desired from my clients, and perhaps yourself, to have comfortable stylish clothes that don’t make you feel overdressed in your day-to-day.

How to Wear: You can wear this over a t-shirt, a tank top, a silk shell, or any other top with a flat front. A cotton, rayon, wool or any other softer fabric dress is another great item for this knit jacket to cover up. I am not going to love the jacket with a silky dress. If you are not going to wear a dress with it, pair with jeans, shorts, skirts, chinos, slacks and even the right yoga pant will be fabulous. Think of it as a go-to throw on when running out the door in your basic top. As I said to my client on Tuesday, “This is a Chanel-esque dog walking  jacket.” To which she replied, “Wow! Now find me Chanel-esqu dog walking shoes.” That’s for her and I’s next session, and a later conversation on V-Style.

What Not To Wear: Don’t wear it with a collared shirt, ruffles, or any other overly 3-D embellished blouse. Also, as a light grey jacket, don’t pair it with overly bright or dark colors. Stick to neutrals, especially white.

As a side note, the picture on the website really does not do it justice. It looks and feels so much cooler in person. Nordstrom really needs to style their garments better. As well as select their models more carefully. As you can see in the photo, the model is too small to be modeling the brand Caslon, which runs slightly bigger than true to size. She is probably a size 0, and Caslon specifically sates that their extra small is for a size 2, nothing smaller. She looks like she borrowed her Mom’s jacket in the photo. It should be much more fitted than it looks on her. Speaking of size, the blazer comes in petites. Success!


The Best White Jeans For Summer 2014

best white jeans for summer 2014

J Brand

The perfect white jean is a straight or skinny leg. It is ankle or heel length, and they are opaque. They are not boot cut because boot cut pants are for boots and thicker, heavier shoes, which I do not like to pair with white jeans. I pair white denim with wedges, sandals, flip-flops, and the occasional flat. I am not pairing them with dark colored footwear, tall boots, booties, low boots, or patent leather anything. As you know, I am not big into the season dictating what we wear, but I do like to keep white jeans in the warmer months to avoid it being paired with these kinds of shoes that are often sported during cold weather. As for our perfect white jeans not being see-thru, that is obvious. There is nothing sensible about a pair of white jeans that show your panties, your pocket silhouette, and cellulite.

Finding this perfect white denim is tough, even for me, so I am happy to report I finally discovered the best white jeans for summer 2014. J Brand’s Maria mid rise white denim in blanc is one of our perfects for a few reasons. The fit is flattering. It eliminates muffin top, butt looks great, and they are pretty opaque. Even with black panties on, no underwear visibility, although I do see a bit of front pocket silhouette. As for the Levi’s, my client purchased these a few seasons ago and I am talking complete obscurity, no pocket silhouette at all. These are a real gem.

If you are wondering what tops to pair with your perfect white jeans, embrace cottons and silks, and avoid anything heavy in color or fabric. Keep it light, fresh, and summery. If you are going to go dark, skip black, and hit up a lighter navy. My favorite colors with white jeans are pastels like lavender, yellow, and light blues. I also like olive green and pinks with it.

best white jeans for summer 2014Levi’s


Warby Parker Spectrum Sun Collection


I get nervous sometimes that I spend too much time at Nordstrom and J.Crew. Between the two, I have such a comprehensive selection for men and women and they make it so easy for me to dress my clients, and myself for that matter. Obviously, depending on my client, I am always utilizing other stores like Bloomingdale’s, Chicos, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Prada, Zara, Gap, Halston Heritage, Zappos, BCBG, Hugo Boss  and other niche boutiques at Fashion Valley Mall, but there is still so many wonderful resources out there. Thankfully, the popularity of this blog fills my inbox with press releases from darling niche brands and boutiques. Even when I do get caught up in my favorite stores, my e-mails always remind there is more out there, like Warby Parker sunglasses. (You can tell I am in a sunglasses mood. I blame the shinning sun and gorgeous weather in San Diego.)

First of all, I love the name. If I had a child, I may have to call it that. Beyond their monicker, I adore their  Spectrum Sun collection, nine styles of fresh sunglasses I am itching to wear. The styles are on point, without too much trend. They are fresh, flattering and charming. They are also priced reasonably at $95. $150 if you want a prescription.

My favorite of the collection is the Downing in Walnut Tortoise and the Minnie in Eucalyptus. The Downing can be worn by any face shape. The Minnie is a bit harder with it’s oversized look and roundness. Oval and diamond faces are best for this shape.

If you want to try them on in person, they are opening up a location in New York City on Lexington Avenue. If you go soon, do let me know how you like them as I won’t be able to travel to New York this year. A true bummer as I go to New York every year and thoroughly enjoy hitting up the stores and brands I don’t have in person access to in San Diego.



What Face Shape Can Wear Cat Eye Sunglasses?

kate-spade-new-york-cat-eye sunglasses

Kate Spade $138

The right cat eye sunglasses can be incredibly flattering and inevitably sexy. It is also a more unique alternative to aviators or other highly popular shades like the big Jackie O’s or chunky wayfarer. They key to chic cat eye sunglasses is to avoid a retro look and exaggerated shape. The uber pointy shape isn’t bad, but I am talking timeless style, not throw back Thursday. We want to nod to the past, not jump into a time machine. Although even if you did select a vintage pair of cat eye sunglasses, you can create an untraceable look by pairing the sunnies with a minimalist outfit based around pants or a sleek dress. Not sweet or flouncy skirts a la Greece Lighting. By pairing a retro piece with highly modern items, you can’t help but be timeless.

My favorite cat eyes this season is Kate Spade’s 53 mm sunglasses in White Mop or Speckled Tortoise. The other hue, Geranium, is also delightful, but it’s a bit bright and creeps into trendy.  Beyond the color, the shape is what sells me. The subtle curves and points of these shades make it a go-to for all face shapes, especially oblong, round and rectangle faces. The angles of cat eye sunglasses add dimension to a round, long or square face, while complimenting the angles of other face shapes like the oval or heart shaped.

I took my own advice and acquired these Kate Spade after scouring hundreds of wayfarers and cat eyes. The price is right, the quality spot on, and the fit is divine. I feel like they were made for my face, but my favorite part, besides its wonderful ability to block out sun at all angles, is the way it makes me feel. Cat eye sunglasses just make ya feel cool.


Best Flash Sale Site For Fashion & Decór


In high school, my friend Lauren introduced me to Actually, it wasn’t so much an introduction as it was a commentary. She said, “Why would someone who could afford a $2,000 dress, care if it’s now $1,000.” In our minds, a $1,000 dress was just as ridiculous as a $2,000 dress.  I offered, “Perhaps it’s for those people who dream of wearing a designer dress, and save up and save up to afford that one Gucci dress.” We then discussed how it could be for the wealthy person who has fallen on hard times, but still wants to wear the things they are used to wearing. I am not sure why that conversation made such an impression on me, but I remember it vividly.

It turns out, our theorizing has it’s points, but mostly, whether it is for $2,000 items or $20, people just like a deal, no matter your income. I have literally only had two clients who showed zero emotion when they found out a garment we are going to buy is on sale. But for the rest of us, we love a good sale.

These days, I have been investigated the flash sale sites. I gotta tell you, I am not that impressed with the way most of them are run. They charge you shipping, and they charge you returns. If you buy something big and you don’t like it, you are pretty much screwed on return shipping costs. They also have very few images to show you of the item that you going to buy. It’s a wasteful purchase waiting to happen. Especially when you only have a few days to buy it, and there is such little inventory. You get all excited, and feel rushed to buy, and then you are stuck with it if it’s final sale (which many items are) or you waste money in shipping costs both ways. No matter the website, irresponsible shoppers should stay away from Flash Sales.

With that said, my favorite flash sites are as follows…

One Kings Lane

I love the clear layout, and clever collections they put together. I also adore their style blog. It has legitimate decór advice and clear communication. Their site also consistently runs promotions, like right now, for the next 17 days you receive free shipping. Lastly, their products are gorgeous, and high quality. You will not find cheapies here. If you have a grown-up home, this is a great spot to get fabulous modern and vintage pieces at a discounted price. They also have cool fashion accessories.

My Habit

I am pretty passionate about this site. Sister to, they have  the customer service you expect, and prices you love. Again, they have a clean and clear layout with a lot of images, FREE shipping, and very reasonably priced return fees. There really isn’t much else to explain. You take a look yourself and tell me what you think. Right now, I am loving the Giorgio Fabiani F141203 Dorsay Sandal pictured above. Originally $478, now $239.

Groupon Goods

Groupon is the trail blazer of all group buying sites. It started with deals on local shops and services, and has grown to products as well. Although based on a different philosophy than websites like One Kings Lane, and, it is still a website based on limited time sales. Groupon is the best because it was the first. I believe it was even the first to get sued, which means it was one of the first to work out all those kinks about refunds and expiration dates. It strives to keep up with consumer’s needs, it strives to please you, and it attracts the biggest brands. Often you find deals like $25 for $50 worth of goods at American Apparel.

This January, Groupon truly moved into the Flash Sale realm when it acquired, but I am not interested. I’ll keep my inbox clutter free by only subscribing to my local Groupon, My Habit, and One King’s Lane. What is in your inbox?

Dwell Studio Dragon-Print Settee


Where To Find Knee High Gladiator Sandals


Sam Edelman

Well, hello Russel Crowe. I have been expecting you. Yes, the knee high gladiator sandal is at optimal availability. Whereas in 2008 our only options were Chanel’s pricey straps or cheapy versions from Bebe and Bona Drag, we are now offered quality we can afford and better cheapies. My favorite at the moment is Sam Edelman’s Bryant, but I also love the slim bands of Stuart Weitzman. As for the cheapies, Madden Girl looks promising, especially the glorious gold one.

You will notice that there are heeled versions and wedge versions. Don’t get a knee high gladiator wedge. I know I usually take you through why I say no to something, but this time just trust me. Let’s just say, it’s too trendy. As for the heel… I haven’t liked many. They look at bit cheesy. The only pairs feeling sexy and interesting is the Tildon and Vince Camuto’s heeled version.

Things to keep in mind with knee high gladiator sandals, avoid chunky buckles, it will add weight to your leg. For the slimmest look, select a knee-high gladiator sandal without buckles, or very few buckles. It’s not like you need buckles to get into them. Most have a zipper at the back or on the side. Another note, when wearing these in front of the sun, apply SPF to your legs before hand. Otherwise, you will get criss crossy tan lines all over your calves. I know guys say tan lines are sexy, but I don’t think these are the ones they are referring to. It looks like your legs were in jail, caught in a spider web, or have a disease. I recommend putting sun screen on your legs a good thirty minutes before donning your sandals to allow it to dry. This way you can minimize the damage the sunscreen will cause to the inside of the leather. Lastly, you will wear this knee high sandal with shorts and skirts, not pants or maxi dresses.


Stuart Weitzman


Kendall Kylie Madden Girl




Vince Camuto


Gentle Souls


Rachel Zoe


Full Length Onesies for Adults

 Full Length Onesie for adults

The onesie. As a wee babe you wore it with confidence. You loved the warmth and ease of a long sleeve shirt attached to pants with buttons at your crotch to assist with your bouts of poop. These days, I’m sure your experience with the onesie is quite different. You are either not wearing them at all, or you have more of a romper, which is a flirtatious dress-like garment. But do you ever miss those youthful days of utilitarian onesies? I know I didn’t, until OnePiece got a hold of me. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be intrigued by adult size, full length onesies, but having to write for hours and hours in a cold London bedroom perked my interest for a head to ankle cover-up.

As I scanned OnePiece’s website, I consulted with my London lover on which to choose. He thought the black fitted one looked most like a Top Gun outfit, and I decided that was a good thing. It’s arrival was exciting. It really is a nifty thing, and I like the way it scrunches at the ankle and zips on up. You really feel secure in it, but my major dislike is the dropped crotch. It is too reminiscent of babyhood, as it looks like I am wearing diaper in there, or at least hiding a small animal between my legs. Thankfully, they do have some with more conservative crotches like the Drum & Bass. And the Smooch does not have a drop crotch at all.

Drop crotch or not, this is not an item to add to your wardrobe for stylish purposes. It’s something for pub crawls, pajamas, and minimal effort flying attire if you hate getting dressed for a plane trip (hopefully airline security won’t make you take it off.) Apparently they are huge in London, but unfortunately I couldn’t take it with me to Great Britain. Despite it’s full body coverage, their onesie is a relatively light weight garment, and no match for this warm blooded lady in a cold, cold room. Instead, I went with a giant teal robe over thick leggings and cashmere socks.

My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I never accept payment for product reviews although I am given the sample to keep. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

full length onesie for adults


Season Favorite: Tory Burch ‘Kayle’ Print Woven Sheath Dress

Tory-Burch Kayle-Print-Woven-Sheath-Dress

As I stroll deeper into 2014, I have been thinking about remaking my home, my habits, my relationships, and of course, myself. This is nothing new to me. I am often pushing for betterment and richness in my life, but this year feels very detail oriented. I want the best from myself, and I am digging into the nitty gritty. One bit of the nitty gritty is the way I shop. Generally, I shop at night, online, after I have finished with my clients. With free shipping and free returns, and my expertise, shopping is a breeze, but I found myself shopping a little too much last year. Yes, I acquired beautiful versatile pieces, but I still had a few non-essentials end up in my closet. As a true perfectionist, or as one of my power house clients says, one who seeks excellence, I must create more ways to ensure I only end up with the most beautiful and useful pieces, and no “great enough” pieces. One way to accomplish this is patience. I am no longer allowed to buy anything on the spot or even a week later. I must wait. If I continue to want it by the end of the month, then it can be mine.

This month, the main item on my watch list is Tory Burch’s ‘Kayle’ print woven sheath dress. The print as well as that soft burlap-like texture is so stinkin’ chic, I stare it. As soon as I get some time, I will try it on and see if the fit is as yummy as it’s appearance. If it passes all comfort tests and the month wait, I will be wearing to parties, dinners, weddings, and anything else I feel like. I always say, if there isn’t an occasion, make one. As for pairing it, I would use a rose gold sandal, nude pump, or soft pink heel. Jewelry will depend on shoe, but I would vote for understated as the print of the dress carries enough pow as it is.

UPDATE: The dress is truly fabulous, but it belongs on those with narrow shoulders. I skipped this one this time.

Tory-Burch Kayle-Print-Woven-Sheath-Dress


Best Lipstick Stain That Actually Stays On Your Lips

Best waterproof lipstick

I have no use for lipstick that won’t stay on my mouth. I am not one of those who does not eat. I am not a prude that does not kiss, and I am not adult enough to remember to be careful with my painted mouth. After years of lipstick unhappiness, I dedicated a week to researching and testing lipstick stains. This was a bit tedious because I can only test one a day. My process went as such… arrive at Fashion Valley Mall thirty minutes before I am supposed to start pulling for my first client. Once at mall, head to Sephora and apply a lip stain from one of their testers. I then went about my day, eating, drinking, talking, and kissing my hand (since my handsome lover was unavailable for consultation). I evaluated my lips throughout, and at the end of my day using this criteria…

  • Feel – did it feel sticky or too glossy?
  • Staying power – did it actually stay on?
  • Bleeding – does it bleed into the cracks of my lips? (I detest lipstick bleeding with a fiery, fiery passion)
  • Rub off – did it rub off onto cups, or skin?

At the end of all my testing, none of the stains lived up to my expectations, especially Make-Up Forever’s Aqua Rouge. It was so darn sticky, I couldn’t imagine kissing someone with that on.

Surprisingly, the best lipstick stain was not actually a lipstick, the best  waterproof lipstick is Aqua lip waterproof lipliner pencil by Make-Up Forever. I  ended up lining my lips, and then filling them in. Not only did it stay put for many hours, not bleed, and not rub off. I barely felt it on my lips. It begs to be kissed. Another perk – the selection of colors of the lipliners are far better than any of the stains I browsed. When browsing these lipliners, don’t be fooled by the corresponding labels of Make-Up Forever’s Aqua line. Just because the lipstick stain says 2, and the lipliner says 2, doesn’t mean they are the same color. Speaking of 2, Rosewood 2C – rosy nude is what I chose for myself and highly recommend for many skin tones.

With the lipliner fitting all my criteria, you’d think I would have trashed the lipstick stain idea altogether, but I did end up purchasing the Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick stain. I enjoyed the “Hell Bent” color, and it feels amazing. The only con is, if you eat oily foods like Spaghetti Bolognese, the lipstick starts to bleed and smear terribly. Any kind of oil is kryptonite for this lip stain. Once the Bolognese hit my lips, the stain lost all staying power. But if you keep your lips oil and Chapstick-free, it stays on well, even through kissing. Note for this stain, a lot goes a long way, so use it sparingly, and wait for it to dry before trusting its staying power.


My product reviews are my honest and personal opinion. This items was not gifted, it was purchased at full price.