How To Wear Navy Blue – All Navy Look

how to wear navy blue

I often use navy, instead of black, as the base color for a client's wardrobe. Navy flatters almost every skin tone (unlike black), pairs well with most other colors and it works year round. Despite the color's versatility, my clients often struggle with how to wear navy, so let's break down the details... Navy Blue Essentials To make ...


Stylish Coats & Jackets – 12 Stylish Winter Coats


I collect stylish coats and jackets, but rarely wear them. Part of the reason is my residence in temperate San Diego. The other reason is my exciting outerwear is not versatile enough and too memorable for regular use. My collecting of stylish coats and jackets is a very expensive habit that I have remedied with Rent The Runway's Unlimited Membership. Rent The Runway ...


Winter Sweaters That Don’t Itch – Top 14 Sweaters Right Now

winter sweaters

I love yummy winter sweaters. I dare say, a fabulous pull over sweater is a Must-Have for your winter wardrobe, and I hate the phrase, "Must-Have." Thankfully, there is an extensive collection of truly stylish winter sweaters out right now. I am positive you would be overwhelmed by it, so I have curated a fantastic recommendation list to assist you in ...


Grocery Chic – What To Wear Running Errands

grocery chic

'Grocery Chic' is one of my many terms I use with clients to explain fashion. I use 'Grocery Chic' to reference the occasions one leaves the house for nothing important. "You know, just going to the grocery." For many of my clients, nothing is more frustrating than the outfits that fit between an evening social outing and sitting on the ...