All The Fashion Tools You Will Ever Need

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Photography by Robin Dayley I constantly refer my clients to products (or as I like to say, Fashion Tools) that will lengthen the life of their wardrobe, or fix a fashion problem. Here is the complete list of every fashion tool you could need... Topstick - Fashion Tape Don't buy fashion tape, get Topstick. Topstick is toupee tape that has less allergic reactions ...


New Fashion Invention – ‘Bittersweet’ Hair Tie Holder Bracelet

bittersweet bracelet

top: J.Crew (now on sale), jeans: J.Brand, bracelet: BitterSweet (use code VSTYLE for 25% off) The Problem Many women walk around with a hair tie on their wrist. They either slip that elastic onto their arm at the beginning of the day in case they need to put their hair up, or it ends up on the wrist later in the day when they let ...


A Minimalist Wardrobe & The Clothes Horse

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Photo Credit: Unfancy Minimalism Defined Born in the 1950's, minimalism was used to reference sculptures and paintings of simple forms, but now we also use the term in fashion to describe a style of an outfit, or someone's small utilitarian wardrobe. What Is The Goal Of A Minimalist Wardrobe? We generally have four goals when we seek out a minimalist wardrobe... Save time. (Minimalism = ...


Five Shades of Grey – How To Wear Grey Boots

monochromatic cold weather outfit

earrings: Alexis Bittar, scarf: Twirl, top: J.Crew, coat: Metro, leggings: Vince, boots: Crown, gloves: london street vendor (similar here) The Pyramid Theory & Contrast Buying a pair of light colored boots seems fun at first, but then you get home and realize your light grey boots don't go with much at all. First you try black leggings ...


How To Dress Stylish For Cold Weather

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top: C by Bloomingdale's (similar style HERE), coat: Ted Baker (similar), scarf: Nordstrom Collection, leggings: Hue (same brand, similar style here), boots: Ecco, gloves & hat: San Diego Hat Company, earrings: Alexis Bittar, bag: Liebeskind  I am aware I have no business saying I am freezing in London while a polar bear sits on the face of New York, but I'm shivering in my ...


Paul Costelloe A/W 2015 – London Fashion Week

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Paul Costelloe's show at London Fashion Week A/W 2015 was an absolute favorite of mine. Located at Waldorf Hotel, the ambience was two tiers of elegance with gilded banisters curving into staircases and glowing "street" lamps. The music went from an eccentric Celtic(?) tune to a somewhat French beat, which lent perfectly to his fall line of heavier tweeds mixed with damask and almost ...


Jean-Pierre Braganza A/W 2015 – London Fashion Week

jean-pierre braganza winter 2015

Jean-Pierre Braganza A/W 2015 was a must-see for me at London Fashion Week. Although he dresses like Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, this plaid wearing fella makes divine clothing. In a few words, his A/W 2015 line is realistic glamour with an edge. Come next fall, we can easily wear these frocks and coats around town, at a party, and if you are ...