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6 Simple Business Casual Outfits

simple business casual outfits
jacket: J.Crew, top: Nordstrom Signature, earrings: Nordstrom, pants: Kobi Halperin, shoes: Hispanitas

I constantly get requests from clients and readers for simple business casual outfits. Work style has become more and more casual in the U.S., especially in California. I often work with clients from the East Coast who are awestruck by the change of dress code on the West Coast. There are actually offices that allow shorts and flip-flops — but we’re not going that far today. Instead, I will focus on simple business casual outfits that work for the vast majority of office environments.

Simple Business Casual Work Outfits With Dresses

A dress is the simplest way to achieve a business casual look and spend next to no time getting ready in the morning. I myself subscribe to the “dress” dress code. One garment versus two? Sign me up. If you’re cold, wear long sleeve dresses. If you’re one to socialize or date after work, veer towards a transitional business casual work dress like this one. In order to acquire your collection of business casual dresses, I recommend shopping each month with your vision in mind. I recommend a few solid-colored dresses that can be worn often without anyone noticing you’re wearing the same dress every Monday, like this business casual work dress, as well as some printed dresses that get you noticed.


Simple Business Casual Work Outfits With Pants

If you want simple business casual outfits with pants, I have listed the absolute best pants above. They are totally flattering and fantastically comfortable. I cannot vouch enough for the pants above. Order them all, and keep your favorites. (See a more detailed description of each pant in my Best Work Pants post, here.) All you need is a handful of tops you can tuck into them and you are good to go. I recommend tops with long sleeves because most offices are cold, gosh darn it.

Simple Business Casual Jackets + Sweaters

It depends on your color palette of course, but generally, you will need burgundy, tan, grey, and navy outerwear to top off your simple business casual outfits. In the Shop This Post carousel above, I have also included black because I know there are a bunch of you who cannot cut off your addiction to the dark side.

Shoes For Simple Business Casual Work Outfits

My go-to work shoe is Rothy’s The Point (To get $20 off your first pair of Rothy’s, Click Here.) They are pointed toe washable flats that go with everything from dresses to pants. (See my review on how to wash them, here.) They also come in a series of colors, so you can literally build an entire work wardrobe around these shoes. I recommend getting them in black, yellow, navy, burgundy, and either their chili red or flame color, depending on the brightness of your color palette. Chili red is for darker wardrobes, and flame is for lighter wardrobes. I will mention that the yellow dirties faster than the darker colors and is harder to clean. But it’s just so darn versatile that I still recommend it. Here is the full list of my go-to versatile work shoes:

  1. Linea Paolo Cella Slingback Pump
  2. Rothy’s The Point (yellow)
  3. Hispanitas ‘Omega’ Pump (blue leather)
  4. Rothy’s The Point (navy)
  5. Aquatalia Pasha Pump (burgundy)
  6. Rothy’s The Point (burgundy)
  7. Silent D Abigale Slingback Pump (blush leather)
simple business casual outfits
coat: Ralph Lauren (in winter), jacket: Halogen (in summer), earrings: Gorjana, dress: French Connection, rings: Gorjana, shoes: Aquatalia


simple business casual
shirt: AG, jacket: rag & bone, earrings: Madewell, jeans: Good American, shoes: Rothy’s


simple business casual outfits
jacket: Ralph Lauren, dress: Leota, earrings: Gorjana, rings: Gorjana, shoes: Silent D


simple business casual outfits
jacket: Halogen, shirt: Chelsea28, earrings: Nordstrom, pants: J.Crew, shoes: Aquatalia


simple business casual outfits
jacket: J.Crew, top: AG, earrings: Nordstrom, pants: Kobi Halperin, shoes: Rothy’s

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