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Best Sarongs – Stylish Sarongs For Summer

best sarongs
bikini: Vix, sarong: Antonio Melani, sandals: Journee

Sarongs have been around for centuries. They originated in Southeast Asia and come from the Malay/Indonesian word “sarung,” which means to cover. They’ve traditionally been worn by both men and women. (If you want to nerd out about sarongs, this article has some beautiful graphics and dives into their history and the cultural significance of different sarong patterns.)

Today, sarongs have become a fashion staple synonymous with summer. All my clients are in need of sarongs right now to go with their beachwear and I know you are too.

Before I jump into how I select the best sarong, I want to remind you that it must complement your swimsuit. Sometimes that means buying the sarong first and then purchasing a suit to match it, and other times you may already have your swimsuit and are seeking its complementary sarong. Whatever piece you start with, don’t forget to finish your look with all the right pieces, including complementary flip-flops or sandals.

Fabric Of The Best Sarongs

The best sarongs are made of rayon, cotton, linen, or a blend of these fabrics. Generally, I skip polyester, unless I am in the mood for a mesh look in which case a poly blend is fine.

Style Of The Best Sarongs

If you want a skimpy look or if it’s hot as fudge, a short whisper of fabric at your waist is perfect, but most of my favorite sarongs are large rectangles because you can do so much more with them. Because my clients and I love versatility, I also tend to avoid sarongs with the ties built in, as well as sarongs that are made more like a skirt instead of the open-air wrap style that I prefer.

In your search for stylish sarongs, you may come across some that are called “pareos.” If you’re wondering how that’s different from a sarong, they’re basically the same thing just with a different name, since pareos originated in Tahiti, Fiji, and Samoan cultures rather than Southeast Asia.

In terms of length, around 41″ is usually a good size for enough versatility. If you’re wondering, “how the heck do I tie this thing?,” I will have a tutorial on different ways to style and tie a sarong coming very soon. I promise it’s not that difficult!

Best Printed Sarongs

If you favor solid-colored swimsuits, you must seek out a dynamically printed sarong to add dimension to your look. This is one of my favorite sarong looks, though it’s probably the hardest shopping task as there are so few perfectly printed sarongs out there. Obviously, that is what I am here for and I have listed the most delicious printed sarongs of the season below.

If you have a printed swimsuit, you can still pair a printed sarong with it, especially if the designer created a fabulously printed sarong to match it. If a designer does not do us this kindness, then this task is much more complicated. When in doubt, pair a solid-colored sarong that matches a color from the print of your suit. I have it all below!

ViX Swimwear Boardwalk Print Cover-Up

best printed sarongs
ViX Swimwear $138

You know ViX is one of my favorite swimwear brands. I love their bikinis and they make it super simple to find a swimsuit to match their sarongs, or vice versa.

Available at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, ViX Paula Hermanny, and Neiman Marcus.

Sizing: Available in one size that fits women sizes 0-12.

Material: 100% rayon

Haight Panneaux Cover-Up

best sarongs
Haight  $229


Available at Goop and Revolve.

Sizing: Available in XS-L.

Material: 100% viscose

Agua Bendita Marine Kai Print Tassel Detail Sarong Swim Cover-Up


Agua Bendita
Agua Bendita $140

Pair this patterned sarong with its matching one-piece or bikini. Or wear it with any solid-colored suit that matches one of the colors in the print.

Available at Dillards.

Sizing: Available in one size, measuring 64.9″ x 41.3″

Material: 100% viscose.

GAP Linen-Cotton Textured Sarong

best sarongs
GAP $23

Available at GAP.

Sizing: Available in one size.

Material: cotton 70%, linen 30%

Antonio Melani Cartagena Classic Tie Pareo Sarong Swimsuit Cover-Up

best printed sarongs
Antonio Melani $50

This is one of the best sarongs this season and the one I’m wearing in the image at the top of the post! It looks stunning with any black swimsuit.

Available at Dillards.

Sizing: Available in one size, measuring 41″ in length

Material: viscose/cotton.

La Blanca Cover-Up Pareo

best sarongs
La Blanca $110

Available at Nordstrom, La Blanca, and Amazon.

Sizing: Available in one size, measuring 65″ x 45″.

Material: 100% viscose.

Eloquii Wrap Skirt

best sarongs
Eloquii $79.95 $59.99

Available at Eloquii.

Sizing: Available in Size 14/18, 20/24, 26/28, and 30/32.

Material: 100% rayon.

Johanna Ortiz Kilimanjaro Pareo

best sarongs
Johanna Ortiz $295

Available at Revolve and Johanna Ortiz.

Sizing: Available in one size fits all.

Material: 100% cotton

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