Heart Shaped Sunglasses $14

I always tell my clients, hearts are for girls, not women. Some have no problem turning their back on heart printed clothing and heart shaped jewelry, but there are some that are visibly affected by a life without hearts. To them I say, “Chin up, my friend. The fashion advice that trumps all other fashion advice is this: if you love it, we’ll make it work.”

(As a side note I adore heart shaped sunglasses – how odd.)

Every now and then I will purchase heart shaped jewelry for my clients, but only if they request it and only if it is chic and fabulous and doesn’t incite cotton candy vomit. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought I would share some of the fashionably acceptable heart shaped jewelry for the women who love it and for the men who want to give the gift of a heart to the women who love it.


Simple, elegant and fabulous. This reversible Judith Jack pendant necklace is the perfect gift. $100


Pictured above is a Kris Nations bracelet. All of Kris Nations jewelry is made with recycled materials in either 14k gold or silver. Price ranges from $33 to $68.


This complicated beauty of a heart comes with a complicated name: Lagos Chi Chi Fluted heart pendant necklace. $150



The M.C.L. “Pave 3D Heart Ring” by Matthew Campbell Laurenza looked fabulous on Katy Perry and will look even better on you. Too expensive, but a worthy wear nonetheless. $1,140


An old school Chanel ’93 CC Heart Necklace. This one has three strikes against it: branding, heart shaped, and expensive – yet, it is still fabulous. $1,290


The delicacy of this Helen Ficalora wire heart charm is simple femininity. $90


I am rarely a fan of Juicy Couture, but these pave heart leaf studs are a fabulous way to do hearts. $48


I know this True Birds necklace doesn’t have much originality, but the crisp gold paired with a long and heavy chain is a clean and classic way to do a heart. Plus there is the romance of the locket. $38

Heart-friendship-braceletsShow your love for yourself and wear both or give one to your best gal. That is the choice you have with these Gorjana Friendship Heart Bracelets. $68


For a funkier edge this Marc Jacobs necklace is perfect. I love it’s dark tone to counter the cutesy shape. $58