stylish heart shaped jewelry
red heart earrings: Etsy, necklace #1: Moon & Meadow, necklace #2: Meira T, heart studs: Bloomingdale’s, heart hoops: Aqua, heart and key stud: Zoë Chicco, bracelet: Rachel Reid

My History With Heart Shaped Jewelry

Fifteen years ago, I told my clients heart-shaped jewelry was for girls, not women. At the time, most heart-shaped jewelry was sold in the form of cutesy gifts peddled out of tacky stores. The few higher-end pieces just seemed like more expensive versions of a “darling” necklace. And then there was the Tiffany heart necklace that was done to a murderous death. Back then, many clients had no problem turning their back on heart-shaped goodies, but there were some who were visibly affected by a life without hearts. To them, I said, “Chin up, my friend. My fashion rule that trumps all other fashion advice is this: if you love it, we’ll make it work.”

For those clients, I always kept an eye out for innovative heart-oriented goodies, especially heart-shaped jewelry. In my journey, I started to find the most perfect pieces. As the search continued, I personally started to fall in love with heart jewelry, heart graphics, heart skirts — you name it. I must admit I have always fancied heart-shaped sunglasses thanks to Drew Barrymore in the film Boys On The Side, but my general affinity for hearts is relatively new.

Nowadays there is plenty of innovative and chic heart-shaped jewelry and I am delighted to bring you the best of the best heart pieces in this post for the women who love it and for the men who want to gift a heart to the women who love it. But first, you know we gotta talk about the how-to of it all…

What Not To Wear With Heart Shaped Jewelry

Don’t pair your heart-shaped jewelry with baby doll dresses, overly feminine dresses, or an empire waist. What not to wear with heart accessories is pretty easy. Basically, skip heart jewelry with anything too girly. And of course, you have to get the right heart jewelry. Listed below are examples of heart pieces I DO NOT want you wearing:

  1. David Yurman Cable Cookie Classic Heart Necklace with 18K Yellow Gold
  2. Bloomingdale’s Open Heart Pendant Chain Necklace
  3. Bloomingdale’s Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold

How To Wear Heart Shaped Jewelry

Like I mentioned, heart-shaped jewelry can easily get too young or too cute. To prevent this cutesy look, pair your heart-shaped jewelry with androgynous pieces, like a blazer dress. Another option is to pair it with sleek and sophisticated pieces. I am also a big fan of pairing heart-shaped jewelry with outrageous or bold pieces for a maximalism look. So, let’s do this! Which are all listed below are the “right” heart pieces…

Marc & Marcella x Bloomingdale’s Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace in Gold-Plated Sterling Silver, 15″

elegant heart shaped jewelry
Marc & Marcella $275 $137.50

Rachel Reid 14K Yellow Gold Enamel Heart Chain Bracelet

heart shaped jewelry
Rachel Reid $285

Etsy Handmade Heart Hoop Drop Earring

heart shaped jewelry
Etsy $9.99

Moon & Meadow Enamel Heart Pendant Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold, 18″

heart necklaces
Moon & Meadow $465 $325.50

Lana Jewelry Mini Heart Pendant Necklace

stylish heart shaped jewelry
Lana Jewelry $585

Kendra Scott Haven Heart Front to Back Hoop Earrings

chic heart shaped jewelry
Kendra Scott $58

These earrings are available at Kendra Scott and Bloomingdale’s.

Lele Sadoughi Dried Floral Heart Earrings

heart earrings
Lele Sadoughi $150

These Lele Sadoughi Dried Floral Heart Earrings are simply gorgeous.

Moon & Meadow 14K Yellow Gold Diamond & Enamel Heart Pendant Necklace, 18″

chic heart shaped jewelry
Moon & Meadow $248

Bloomingdale’s Diamond Lace Heart Pendant Necklace in 14K White Gold

best heart shaped jewelry
Bloomingdale’s $1,300 $650

Bloomingdale’s 14K Gold Medium Heart Stud Earrings

heart shaped jewelry
Bloomingdale’s $255 $127.50

SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Metallic Heart Hoop Earrings

best heart shaped jewelry
Sugarfix by BaubleBar $12.99

Meira T 14K White & Yellow Gold Diamond & Sapphire Heart & Evil Eye Charm Necklace

heart shaped jewelry
Meira T $470

Moon & Meadow 14K Yellow Gold Heart Disc Pendant Necklace, 17″

chic heart shaped jewelry
Moon & Meadow $298

Aqua Heart Drop Earrings in 18K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver

heart shaped jewelry
Aqua $96 $57.60

Argento Vivo Pavé & Mother of Pearl Starburst Heart Pendant Necklace in 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, 16″-18″

best heart shaped jewelry
Argento Vivo $78

Shein Color Block Heart Drop Earrings

best heart shaped jewelry
Shein $2.50

Argento Vivo Pavé & Heart Lariat Necklace in 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, 16″-18″

heart shaped jewelry
Argento Vivo $68

Argento Vivo Heart Cuff Bracelet

heart bracelet
Argento Vivo $48

Pair this Argento Vivo Heart Cuff Bracelet with gold hoops or a gold bar necklace. Do not pair with other heart-shaped jewelry pieces.

Sizing Tip: It will work on most wrist sizes since you can squeeze it shut and stretch it open.

Zoë Chicco 14K Yellow Gold Itty Bitty Heart & Key Drop Single Stud Earring

heart shaped jewelry
Zoë Chicco $198

This heart and key earring by Zoë Chicco is sold as a single stud, so you’ll need to order two if you want to wear one in each ear.

Foundrae Custom Heart Love Token Story

heart shaped jewelry
Foundrae $10,110

Heart-Shaped Jewelry From Years Past

I originally wrote this post in 2011. I’ve left these photos below for nostalgic purposes. Whenever I update older posts I love to hold on to a collection of images as a bit of a time capsule.


Judith Jack $100

Simple, elegant, and fabulous. This reversible Judith Jack pendant necklace is the perfect gift.

Kris Nations $68

All of Kris Nations’ jewelry is made with recycled materials in either 14k gold or silver.

Matthew Campell Laurenza $1,140

The M.C.L. “Pave 3D Heart Ring” by Matthew Campbell Laurenza looked fabulous on Katy Perry and will look even better on you. Too expensive, but a worthy wear nonetheless.

Chanel $1,290

An old-school Chanel ’93 CC Heart Necklace. This one has three strikes against it: branding, heart-shaped, and expensive — yet, it is still fabulous.

Helen Ficalora $90

The delicacy of this Helen Ficalora wire heart charm is simple femininity.

True Birds $38

I know this True Birds necklace doesn’t have much originality, but the crisp gold paired with a long and heavy chain is a clean and classic way to do a heart. Plus there is the romance of the locket.

Gorjana $68

Show your love for yourself and wear both or give one to your best gal. That is the choice you have with these Gorjana Friendship Heart Bracelets.

Marc Jacobs $58

For a funkier edge this Marc Jacobs necklace is perfect. I love its dark tone to counter the cutesy shape.

Amazon $15