taupe boots
dress: Ramy Brook (or rent it at Rent The Runway) boots: Sole Society clutch: Sole Society, earrings: Nordstrom, ring: Nordstrom, statement ring: Alexis Bittar

Taupe boots are the worst in the sense that few people know how to wear them. Also, stores use the word “taupe” quite aimlessly. Taupe seems to be used for every earthy color, from olive green and brown to grey and beige. Although, I don’t blame them. Someone asked me what color taupe was the other day and I found myself saying, “It’s kinda like a warm, light grey or a dirty beige.” To give you the best idea of how to wear taupe boots, I invited back Paulina Morales of Lil Bits of Chic to show you more ways than one.

What To Wear With Taupe Boots

Taupe boots can look dirty and sad if you pair them with bright white, shiny pastels, or any color particularly joyous. All bright colors are a no-no, and you never want to pair them with anything “hot.” You know, neon colors. You also want to skip crisp, dark colors like black or navy. And let’s not forget to skip highly-saturated colors like deep burgundy. Basically, there are a lot more “no” colors than there are “yes” colors that go with taupe.


How To Wear Taupe Boots

Taupe boots look best with earth tones. Think cream, muted neutrals, and sage green. You can pair taupe with colors, but make sure they are “soft” colors. Paulina did a great job of showing you how to pair them with the color red. Do you see how the red in her dress is muted? You can also pair taupe with a soft plum, tan, or medium grey. Although don’t pair it with light grey — they are too close in hue. Oops, look there. Another color not to wear with taupe. I should tell you now that taupe boots are not a highly versatile shoe choice. It may not be an efficient purchase for those seeking versatility — unless your whole wardrobe is full of cream, sage green, and soft muted neutrals.

Photos by Dayley Photography 

taupe boots

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