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Stylish & Comfortable Pajamas & Sleepwear


Pajama Pants and Racerback Tank

You took the time to get the perfect bed frame. You bought that plush mattress. You have the chic bed linens. Do you have the stylish pajamas to match? There is nothing sexier, and more fashionable than slipping into bed wearing sweet somethings. I know that disgusting t-shirt you wear is womb like with its comfort, but pretty things can be comfortable too! Don’t do it for your man, don’t do it in case your house catches fire and you have to run out into the streets, pajama clad. Do it for you. 


Graphic Tee

For those that need that cotton Tee, get a cute one! Take a moment to toss out every ugly T-shirt you have. I recently had a client get rid of all her ugly clothes. Before she did it, she looked at me and asked, “Well, than what do I wear to bed?” I picked up one of her cute Tees, one too casual for her lifestyle. Puzzled she looked at the shirt and said, “But that’s too cute for bed.”  She and I had a talk… unless we are talking work appropriate, or wearing a formal floor length gown to lunch, there is no occasion a garment can be too attractive. Obviously you don’t want to wear clothing to bed that you want to last – the rubbing of blankets can wear and tear cotton very quickly – but, you can always go out a buy a cute Tee for the purpose of sleeping. If it is that cute, get two.

When shopping for stylish bedwear, keep in mind that this is truly for you and whoever you share your bed with. Indulge in that ridiculous pattern! Get that overly girly look. Get that neon green you can’t wear in public. Have fun!  


Striped Teddy and Shorts


Teddy and Matching Short

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