I like my cars silver and my jewelry gold. I also enjoy piling on a bunch of rings. In fact, I usually detest pictures of my hands for obvious wrinkly, scarred, large reasons; but when my gentleman caller showed me this image of my accessorized hands, I found myself smiling. Nothing like distracting from ugly hands by stacking some charming thin gold rings on my fingers. That is the power of fabulous fashion, or in this case, fabulous accessories. They can remind you how interesting and beautiful you are.

If you are seeking gout thin gold rings, a fantastic go-to for these delicate hand accessories is Ariella and your local boho chic boutique. I have also found some delicious stacking rings by Kris Nations. I also recommend diving into your collection of sentimental hand-me-down rings. I have a very stylish friend that wears her grandmother’s gold wedding band on her pinky.

When piling on the rings, I recommend avoiding cuff bracelets. The combination will make your hands look puffy, short and/or big. Instead try no bracelets or thin bangles. In this picture here, you can see I have piled on the bangles to accomplish that over-the-top accessories look.

Ariella $18.98