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What To Wear In Park City Utah

what to wear in park city
sweater: Aqua (also available here), turtleneck: Uniqlo, pants: Good American, scarf: Neiman Marcus (similar here), bag: Marc Jacobs, hat: Marcus Adler

Park City, Utah is famous for the Sundance Film Festival. Held at the end of January, the annual festival is organized by the Sundance Institute, a non-profit organization founded by Robert Redford to actively advance the work of independent storytellers in film and theatre. Some 55,000 people flood the city to watch the films, enjoy the energy —  or both. This year, Sundance takes place from Jan 19th – Jan 29th. View their program here.

Weather In Park City, Utah In Winter

Last time I was in Park City in January there was a snowstorm the week prior to my arrival, so I had the pleasure of being surrounded by fresh snow without the harsh chill. It was gloriously sunny and 44 degrees each day I was there. It dropped to the high 30s at night. We were absolutely lucky because this year, Park City is in the 20s during the day and getting as low as 7 degrees at night. So, let’s pack accordingly!

What To Wear In Park City, Utah

Park City is an incredible city with a deep charm and unique ambiance. You can literally slide down a mountain into downtown. You just unclip your board or skis when you reach the end of the snow, and walk into one of the hottest bars or “saloons” in town. The town is 500 meters from the slope. This means it’s casual, but fabulosity is in no shortage. Below are all my recommendations on what to wear in Park City, Utah in the cold winter months, both on and off the slopes. (Plus keep scrolling for my tips on the best boutique shopping in Park City — you won’t want to miss it while you’re there.)

What To Wear In Park City On The Slopes: Snow Jacket + Pants + Ski Suits

what to wear in park city utah
Ski outfit: Vintage Eddie Bauer

For days on the Park City slopes or in the snow, you’ll want to wear either a fabulous ski suit or a snow jacket and pants combo, which brings me to a fun story about the vintage skiwear I’m wearing above… Twenty-two years ago, I went snowboarding for the first time. Before this excursion, my mom took me to Eddie Bauer and got me everything I needed for the snow: a waterproof jacket, inner jacket, waterproof pants, wool socks, gloves, a beanie, a headband, and silk long johns. I looked like an Eddie Bauer ad. On the occasions I go to the snow, I wear the same items and now look like a vintage Eddie Bauer ad. All of Eddie Bauer’s snow garments back then were labeled Ebtek. They no longer make these items, but I can attest to their quality and longevity. You can find old-school Ebtek all over eBay and Etsy. To see Eddie Bauer’s current waterproof selection, click here.

Outside my sentimental vintage Eddie Bauer garb, here are my go-to brands and stores for snow wear:

What To Wear Under Your Snow Clothes: Stylish Base Layer Options

what to wear in park city utah
sunglasses: similar here, base layer: Sweaty Betty

Here are my favorite brands and go-to shirts and leggings for layering under your snow clothes:

What To Wear In Park City On The Town

what to wear in Park City Utah
coat: Apparis, tee: Madewell, jeans: Good American, shoes: Fit Flop, purse: Kate Spade

As I mentioned above, Park City is casual, but fabulosity is in no shortage. As a San Diegan, I am not frequently exposed to super cold temps, plus I hate to wear the same memorable clothes each winter, so I rent most of my uber stylish cold weather clothing from Rent The Runway when I go to Park City or any chilly city. With that said, here is what to pack for exploring Park City…

  • A bold, yet versatile statement coat (I love Apparis!)
  • Fun sweaters
  • Waterproof booties or sneakers (Nordstrom has a great selection)
  • Skinny jeans (They’re just more flattering, versatile, and warmer than the wider leg trend right now)
  • Leggings (Try wearing these leg warmers over your leggings!)
  • Your favorite tights to go under your jeans or leggings (I recommend Wolford)

Accessories To Pack for Park City

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Boutique Shopping In Park City, Utah

shopping in park city utah

Obviously, there is the film festival, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and other snow-related activities, but I adore Park City for the boutique shopping. I especially love the Southwestern-themed stores, my favorite being Southwest Indian Traders — I have never seen so much turquoise jewelry in one place before! For a more trendy selection, try Alpen Glow Boutique (let me know if they are still there!). FYI don’t judge a store by its shoddy website. It’s like the whole city decided spending time on a website is for suckers — they believe in foot traffic. For a quaint 25-year-old thrift store, go to Changing Hands. That’s where I bought the black Marcus Adler faux fur cap in my red outfit pictures.

You also have to visit OC Tanner’s fine jewelry store and say hi to Liz Wood. The history of OC Tanner is even more beautiful than its fine jewelry selection. My friend Auco and I were in there for an hour listening to Liz regale us with Obert Clark Tanner philanthropic stories, many of which had impacted her and her family personally — he was passionate about giving single mothers jobs and assistance. My favorite tidbit about OC Tanner is the stipulation he put in his will that the board of directors of his massive estate keep his jewelry store open, even when it doesn’t turn a profit, which it often hasn’t. He adored beauty and didn’t want anyone messing with his pretty things.

Where To Park In Park City During The Sundance Film Festival

what to wear in park city utah
This is the view from the parking lot!

With 55,000 extra people in town, knowing where to park is an essential travel tip if you have a car. Once you get to the heart of Park City, go towards Park City Town Hall to park in Swede Alley Garage (325 Swede Alley) — all day for $30 (Might cost more this year). You drive up a hill to get to the entrance at 408 Marsac Avenue (the street turns into UT-224, both are the correct street). Once you park, take the stairs down to Swede Alley to the bustling streets.

Bonus Travel Tip: Park City has a free transit system, but it’s crowded during this time of year.

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what to wear in park city utahwhat to wear in park citywhat to wear in park city utah what to wear in park city utahbest boutiques in park city utah style expert

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