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Updated February 2020

most versatile jacket

Cole Haan $275 $137.60

“Can’t I just get one jacket that goes with everything?” a client asks me. “Not really, ” I reply. This is a conversation I have had with clients on more than one occasion. As you probably know, most people would rather wear the “wrong” jacket than bother with the clutter and complications of having all the jackets, coats, and sweaters needed to create a perfect outfit every time. This is how people end up in black puffer jackets, but I digress. There is no perfect jacket that goes with everything, but here are the goods: the most versatile jacket color is olive green. (See how I styled my favorite olive green jacket outfit, here).

Why Is Olive Green The Most Versatile Jacket Color?

The number one reason olive green is the most versatile jacket color is because it pairs beautifully with all shades of blue jeans, and most people live in denim. The second reason olive green is the most versatile jacket color is because it goes with black as well as earth tones. Here is a list of colors that olive green pairs well with…

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Off-White
  • Medium Pink
  • Earth Tones: All browns, cream, other non-bright greens
  • Muted Navy
  • Midnight Navy
  • Muted Purples
  • Slate
  • Mauve
  • Muted Lilac

What Does An Olive Green Jacket NOT Go With?

We only start to run into issues with the most versatile jacket color when we try to pair it with pastels or brights. A handful of no-nos are listed below, but the right olive green is that good. You really can’t mess up too badly.

  • Bright/Optic White
  • Bright Baby Blue
  • Indigo
  • Royal Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • St Patrick’s Green
  • Magenta
  • Saturated Lavender

Lily Aldridge for Velvet by Graham & Spencer Army Jacket

The drawstring on the Lily Aldridge for Velvet by Graham & Spencer Army Jacket cinches in to give a nice silhouette to your waist.

Thread & Supply Utility Jacket

The Thread & Supply Utility Jacket is a longer and more casual option that can be worn with leggings.

Burberry Limehouse Quilted Down Puffer Coat

most versatile jacket

Burberry $1290 $898.90

You ladies living in colder climates will love this Burberry Limehouse Quilted Down Puffer Coat. It almost makes me wish San Diego had a real winter. Almost.

Sanctuary Liberty Military Jacket

The structured Sanctuary Liberty Military Jacket provides a leaner look for the utility jacket. This jacket is available at Macy’s and Sanctuary.

The North Face Zoomie Zoomie Hooded Waterproof Raincoat

The North Face Zoomie Zoomie Hooded Waterproof Raincoat is as chic as a utility jacket can get — and will actually keep you dry from the rain, unlike most of the other jackets on this gorgeous list. This jacket is available at Nordstrom and Amazon.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Faux Fur Trim Quilted Hooded Down & Feather Jacket

This Lauren Ralph Lauren Faux Fur Trim Quilted Hooded Down & Feather Jacket reminds me of the Vail snow bunnies from the 90s — in a good way of course. You will love the freakin’ soft collar and flattering silhouette.

Treasure & Bond Linen Blend Field Jacket

This Treasure & Bond Linen Blend Field Jacket has a longer, more casual silhouette that can work with leggings. And you will love its lightweight and softness. It just won’t keep you super warm if that is what you are seeking.

Cole Haan Quilted Down & Feather Fill Jacket with Faux Fur Trim

most versatile jacket

Cole Haan $275 $137.60

The Cole Haan Quilted Down & Feather Fill Jacket with Faux Fur Trim is perfect for your everyday winter coat.

Rails Collins Military Jacket

most versatile jacket

Rails $188

This lightweight Rails Collins Military Jacket is a gorgeous shade of olive green. You’d think the epaulets and pockets are not flattering, but they are wonderfully flat and don’t add bulk. It’s available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Amazon, and Neiman Marcus.

Sizing Tip: Runs big, order a size down. A size 6 can wear the XS in this jacket. It looks more oversized and wide, aka unflattering, the more you go up in size.

AG Carell Utility Jacket

most versatile jacket

AG $288

This AG Carell Utility Jacket is for the uber casual. This is the one jacket on this list that works with leggings.

Sizing Tip: True to size, but worth getting a size down to compare.

Madewell Travel Buddy Packable Puffer Jacket

most versatile jacket

Madewell $128 $99.99

The Madewell Travel Buddy Packable Puffer Jacket is perfect for travel and is unexpectedly flattering. I just put this on a client yesterday and even I was surprised by its glory. Plus it’s compact. Try folding it up into a neck pillow for the plane. I do believe this is my favorite puffer jacket on the most versatile jacket color list. This jacket is available at Nordstrom and Madewell.

Frame Flounce Hem Jacket

most versatile jacket

Frame $350

Many clients have been scared of this Frame Flounce Hem Jacket. The flare is quite prominent, but I know some of you will love the drama. Interestingly enough, of the most versatile jacket colors shown here, this shade of olive is the most versatile. This is available at Nordstrom and Saks 5th Avenue.

Sizing Tip: True to size.

AG Mya Denim Jacket

most versatile jacket

AG $225

This AG Mya Denim Jacket is great with dresses and tucked in tops.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size, but you may want to go up a size to compare fits.

Treasure & Bond Long Knit Blazer

I am in love with this Treasure & Bond Long Knit Blazer for the office or for play. The extra-long look is gorgeous on my taller gals. Pair with skinny jeans or leggings.

Vince Drapey Belted Linen Blend Jacket

most versatile jacket

Vince $395

This Vince Drapey Belted Linen Blend Jacket is super lightweight, slimming, and sophisticated. I am obsessed with belting jackets right now. You’ll notice the length allows for some untucked tops, but nothing long, so you aren’t going to pair this one with leggings.

Sizing Tip: Runs big, but it depends on the kind of fit you want. I went with the small because I liked the oversized look.

Madewell Fleet Jacket

This Madewell Fleet Jacket is a little too stiff for my taste, but many clients are loving it. It is warm, but not overly heavy. It’s available at Madewell and Nordstrom.

Sizing Tip: True to size.

Barbour Coledale Quilted Jacket

most versatile jacket

Barbour $249

Now, this Barbour Coledale Quilted Jacket is one of the most sophisticated puffer jackets I have ever seen. I love the way it shapes the body and keeps you warm.

Sizing Tip: True to size.

1.State Ruffle Neck Bomber Jacket

most versatile jacket

1.State $149

This 1.State Ruffle Neck Bomber Jacket is incredibly lightweight, so don’t count on much warmth with this one. My clients who get too warm will love this. It is also really nice because it has the dressiest feel of all the jackets on this list.

Sizing Tip: True to size.

Anine Bing Aria Trench Jacket

I can’t get enough of this Anine Bing Aria Trench Jacket. It is warm, comfortable, and edgy. (You can see how I wore it in my post on my favorite olive green jacket outfit.) I am debating whether to take this one to Europe with me this spring. Because of its length, you are going to pair it with short tops, tucked in tops, any pant, and rugged skirts. Technically, this length is great with a dress, but it looks bulky when it is closed. You just have to wear it open with dresses. Note: You won’t be pairing this with long tops or leggings. It is available at Nordstrom and Shopbop.

Sizing Tip: True to size, but it’s not for taller folks. I wear a small.

Marrakech Draped Jacket

I adore this Marrakech Draped Jacket. It is so sexy, soft, and lightweight. You are going to love this with jeans, shorts, and slim casual pants.

Sizing Tip: True to size, but order a size down as well to compare fits.


  1. Pat
    March 26, 2019 / 12:34 pm

    You are right on! The tricky part is finding a hue and style that suits ones aesthetic.
    Thanks for the shopping preview.

    A fan,

    • vstyle
      March 29, 2019 / 9:10 am

      So true! The olive green jacket can be quite rugged, which doesn’t fit a lot of women’s personal style, but there a few listed that are quite clean. Thank you for reading!

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