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Stylish Reusable Bags

stylish reusable bags
Boden $85 $68

As you may know by now, I am always trying to reduce my waste when shopping, whether it be retail or grocery shopping. One easy way to do that is by bringing your own (preferably stylish) reusable bags. Besides being far less stylish, plastic bags can take hundreds of years to decompose and often blow into our waterways, causing harm to animals — after only being used once.

Because of their environmental toll, a lot of cities and some states, like my home state California, have plastic bag bans in effect and charge you a fee if you use a store’s single-use bags instead of bringing your own reusable bags. (You can see a full list of which states have such policies in place here.)

When I first started using my own (stylish) reusable bags, the hardest part was just remembering to bring them with me. Now, it’s become a habit I don’t think about. To make it easy, I have a versatile yet stylish reusable bag hanging on a hook by my front door and I always leave some bigger bags in my trunk for groceries. I know many people also tuck a smaller one into their purses for any unforeseen purchases that come up.

Another way to use stylish reusable bags that many people don’t know about is as a purse for travel. I always pack a reusable bag made from fabric when I travel, as you can see in my Bali post. A fabric bag is super lightweight, so I don’t feel weighed down while walking the 20,000 steps a day that travel often entails. It also conserves a ton of space in my suitcase, no one wants to steal it, and it’s washable, which is super necessary for the messes I regularly get into while traveling. I got black gunk on half of my clothes while I was in Jakarta, and I still don’t know how I did it!

Anyhoo, below I have listed my favorite stylish reusable bags. Some are best for grocery shopping while others are better as a travel bag. I let you know the best use in each description.

Bonpoint x Khaite Diba Printed Tote Bag

stylish reusable bags
Bonpoint x Khaite $ 125

This stylish reusable bag is great for everything. It works for travel. It works for grocery shopping. And please don’t forget that you can bring a reusable bag to the mall! Instead of accepting your Nordstrom purchase in a Nordstrom paper bag, put your shopping haul in your stunning Khaite bag!

Available at MyTheresa 

Size: Height 35cm-14″, Max. width 50cm-19.5″, Max. depth 16cm-6.5″

Material: Fabric

How To Wash: Machine wash in cold water. Then hang it from its straps on a door handle in your house. This helps keep the straps smooth and not wrinkled as it dries. Skip the dryer as it will shrink it.

Williams Sonoma Market Tote

stylish reusable grocery bag
Williams Sonoma $49.95

This chic reusable bag is perfect for shopping at a farmers market or grocery store (or even for going on a picnic!). It has dividers so you can separate your produce from bottles and containers. And it even has a strap on the outside in case you buy fresh flowers and don’t want the wet stems to drip inside the bag. Genius.

Available at Williams Sonoma 

Size: 11 1/2″ x 11″ x 13″ high, 12″ handles

Material: Cotton canvas

How To Wash: Spot-clean with warm, soapy water and sponge

Scotch & Soda Graphic Tote

stylish reusable bags
Scotch and Soda $78

This stylish reusable bag is absolutely perfect for traveling. Throw your wallet and water bottle in here and then fill it up with whatever treasures you come across in your jaunt about town.

Available at Anthropologie

Size: 18″H, 17″W, 3″D

Material: Cotton

How To Wash: Hand wash

West Elm Claudia Pearson City Tote Bags

stylish reusable bags
West Elm $26

This canvas bag is thin, aka flat, so I often use it for travel. But it is best as a laptop bag when I’m heading to a casual work meeting and don’t want to be bogged down with my stunning, yet slightly heavier work bag.

Available at West Elm

Size: 13″w x 14″h

Material: 100% cotton canvas

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Madewell The Magazine Tote Bag

stylish reusable bags
Madewell $88 $73.99

This metallic leather tote can basically double as a purse. It has an interior pocket and enough room to pop a laptop in.

Available at Madewell and Nordstrom.

Size: 16″H x 14″W

Material: Leather

How To Wash: Use leather lotion or bring it to your local shoe repair.

West Elm Claudia Pearson Culinary Tote Bags

stylish reusable bags
West Elm $26

I believe this collection of stylish reusable bags from West Elm are deeper than the West Elm ones mentioned above, therefore they are suitable for grocery shopping or a beach trip. This is one reusable bag I haven’t used yet, so please let me know if I am mistaken!

Available at West Elm.

Size:13″w x 14″h

Material:100% cotton canvas

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Corridor City of Angeles Tote

stylish reusable bags
Corridor $45

This stylish reusable bag has a velcro closure on top, which is nice if you’re using it to carry non-grocery items around.

Available at Revolve.

Size: 23″W x 17″H x 6″D

Material: 100% cotton canvas

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Medium Brown Bag Tote

stylish reusable bags
Bloomingdale’s $88

You know I love Bloomingdale’s! Instead of getting a new, paper-brown bag each time you shop there, invest in a reusable one (or two!).

Available at Bloomingdale’s

Size: 14.5″W x 7.5″D x 15.8″H

Material: 100% jute, band: 50% jute/50% cotton, handles: leather, lining: plastic lamination

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Ronner Reusable Cotton Tote

stylish reusable bags
Ronner $25

This stylish reusable bag is great for travel, errands, or a smaller grocery run.

Available at Ronner.

Material: Cotton

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Boden Tilda Canvas Tote Bag

stylish reusable bags
Boden $85 $68

This reusable bag has an inside zipper to keep valuables like your wallet or keys inside. This would be a great bag to bring with you on vacation or to the beach or pool.

Available at Boden.

Size: 14″ wide at opening, height 12″ x 6” depth, total strap length 19½”

Material: 100% cotton

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Clare V. x Every Mother Counts Jumbo Tote

stylish reusable bags
Clare V. x Every Mother Counts $65

I love that this stylish, reusable bag by Clare V has two different strap options so you can wear it on your shoulder or carry it by the handles. This is my favorite bag for heading to the beach or clothes shopping at the mall. And 30% of all proceeds from this bag go to the non-profit Every Mother Counts, which focuses on improving maternal health.

Available at Clare V.

Size: 23 W x 17 T x 6 1/2 D

Material: Cotton canvas

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Natural Life Anytime Tote Bag – Spread Kindness

stylish reusable bags
Natural Life $15

This reusable bag is large and sturdy enough for grocery shopping. I like using bags in this material for groceries because if something leaks it’s super easy to wipe clean.

Available at Natural Life.

Size: 15.5in L x 18in W x 7.5in D, 7in handle drop

Material: 100% polypropylene

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Kate Spade New York Canvas Tote Bag with Interior Pocket

stylish reusable bags
Kate Spade $34 $28

This is another “flat” reusable bag, so this works for travel or as a laptop bag when heading to a casual meeting.

Available at Amazon

Size: 14″ tall, 13.5″ wide

Material: Canvas

How To Wash: Spot clean, air dry

Baggu Standard Baggu

stylish reusable bags
Baggu $14

My editor is a big fan of the Baggu reusable bags. She says she’s had hers for over 10 years and uses them for everything (groceries, as a lunch bag, on vacation, at the beach). They fold up into a super small square, so it’s easy to tuck one into your purse for any impromptu shopping that comes up. Plus, they come in so many fun designs and are machine washable.

Available at Baggu, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon

Size: 25 ½”, 15 ½”, 6″

Material: Recycled ripstop nylon

How To Wash: Machine washable

NPR Books We Love Tote

stylish reusable bags
NPR $20

Support public radio and get a stylish, reusable tote bag in the process.

Available at NPR

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