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What To Pack For New Orleans In Summer

 Updated August 2021
what to pack for new orleans in spring

Visiting the heart of New Orleans in spring and summer requires a very specific packing list to ensure a comfortable and adventurous trip, especially if you are staying in the French Quarter as I did this past holiday weekend. To give you an idea of what to pack for New Orleans, I’ve outlined all the necessities for a 4-day trip that will fit into a standard carry-on suitcase and prepare you for the unpredictable humid weather.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

what to pack for new orleans
Fit Flop $90 $36

To truly enjoy New Orleans is to walk and walk and walk. At every corner, there is another musician, another boutique, another stunning balcony, another adventure. To not walk to your destination is to miss out on this amazing city. You must have comfortable walking shoes, especially if you have any foot or back issues. Go for supportive sandals or breathable flats so you can be comfortable without getting too hot. (See my full review of my favorite stylish walking shoes, here.)

Fancy Shorts & Casual Shorts

packing list for new orleans

Between the sweat and the walking, shorts are the best idea if your thighs touch at all. Thigh chaffing can ruin a trip. I loved wearing denim cut-offs for casual days, and my delightful DVF turquoise ‘Naples’ shorts for dressier days and nights. I’m also loving the Alice + Olivia Dylan High Waist Pintuck Shorts as a dressier option. Check out my post on The Most Flattering Women’s Shorts. All the shorts on the list are amazing options to pack for New Orleans.

Comfortable & Stylish Day-To-Night Shoes

what to pack for new orleans
Steve Madden $69.95

I cannot emphasize this enough – skip the heels! Pack ONLY comfortable shoes for a trip to New Orleans. Walking is often faster than an Uber, cab, or Lyft if you’re only going a mile because the traffic can be insane. People are walking all over the streets, horses and buggies are running around, cars are trying to get in and out of the city, or seem to simply be driving in circles for no apparent reason. I imagine it was worse this weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday, but packing comfortable and stylish shoes for New Orleans is always a smart idea.

I also wore my day-to-night sandals on my Airboat Swamp Tour, which is a must do! Get the small boat with hotel pick-up.

Water Friendly Shoes & A Portable Umbrella

what to pack for new orleans
Crocs $40

You need waterproof sandals or water-friendly shoes and a portable umbrella. You can walk to lunch on a sunny day, and then exit the restaurant to find it storming vigorously. Looking around during the storm really shows you how unexpected it can be. Beautiful dry-haired women lounge in sundresses and sandals at bars and restaurants, while pedestrians stand under balconies with matted hair and soaking shoes, startled expressions on their faces and screams falling out of their mouths. The weather apps on our phones weren’t even accurate. The apps said it was only overcast, while the sky hosed me down and raindrops dripped off my eyelashes.

Cotton Undergarments

what to pack for new orleans
Hanky Panky $18

The humidity wasn’t even that bad this weekend, but the struggle is real. It’s best to wear cotton panties and cotton bras to soak up all that sweat you’ll be producing. Polyester or modal undergarments soak up nothing and hold the sweat against your skin. (See my full list of the most comfortable women’s panties, here.)


Yes, I packed Prosecco for my trip and thank goodness! There was no Prosecco to be found, and I was often teased when trying to order it in bars. Thankfully, you can enjoy your bubbly from your hotel balcony and on the streets. As I am sure you know, drinking in the streets is delightfully legal.

What To Pack For New Orleans – An Adjustable Sunhat

what to pack for new orleans

If you need a hat to protect your skin from the sun, I highly recommend a packable and adjustable sunhat. Mine is from San Diego Hat Co. You need it to be adjustable so you can tighten it when the wind picks up. As you can see above, the wind did pick up. A great roll-up hat can be good in the rain as well.

Sweaters Only (No Jackets)

what to pack for new orleans
Nic + Zoe $98 $58.80

Don’t bother bringing a jacket that can’t be folded up, but definitely bring a sweater. For pairing with dresses, I love the Nic + Zoe 4-Way Convertible Cardigan. The air-conditioning is horrendous. It’s turned up too high, so you’re freezing when you go from the outside heat to the chilly indoors. Also, the temperature drops quite a bit during the surprise rain showers. Once you exit a cold restaurant and/or the rain stops, you want to be able to store the sweater in your bag so you can get back to sweating.

A Large Versatile Scarf

what to pack for new orleans
Nordstrom $99

My large scarf from Diane Von Furstenberg was a lifesaver. I used it as a sarong, as a pop of color over my simple black jumpsuit, as a shawl when I would walk into insane air conditioning, and as a blanket on the chilly plane. When I was younger, I never thought I would be a big scarf person, but with all my traveling the past nine years, a large scarf has become invaluable. For more details on my dedication to scarves, read my post on How To Wear A Shawl aka The Oblong Scarf.

A Lightweight, Medium Sized, Soft Shoulder Bag

what to pack for new orleans
Kate Spade $178

You need that perfect-sized bag that isn’t too big or too small. Skip the stiff handbag and the useless clutch for a trip to New Orleans. You want a bag that can go from day to night, is easy to get into, and doesn’t jostle into people when you walk in crowds. You also want it to be able to carry a small water bottle, your sweater, and a few essentials.

Multiple Tops

what to pack for New Orleans
Karen Kane $88 $52.80

I always advocate packing items that create multiple outfits, especially if you want to stick to just a carry-on. But in New Orleans, you get so dirty and sweaty that it’s nice to have a fresh outfit for, at least, all the evenings you go out. Save the reuse for your shoes, and basics like casual shorts. Thankfully, many of the clothing items you pack will fold up small enough to leave room for the multiple tops/dresses/jumpsuits. Below is my full list of what to pack for New Orleans in the spring and summer.

Note: I highly recommend the Karen Kane Blouson Sleeve Tie Front Top as one of your New Orleans tops for pairing with shorts and keeping cool in warm weather. It runs large, however, so order a size down.


My Packing List For 4 Days In New Orleans In Spring

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3 Responses

  1. Jeanne Schwab says:

    Loved reading about what you actually wore/used! Your recommendations re: shoes were certainly spot on!
    Totally related about the “large scarf”

    Thank you Vanessa!

    1. Hi Jeanne! I am so glad you enjoyed reading this post! You’re so welcome!

  2. Great post! I love reading your travel posts and what to pack. Very helpful!

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