The 5 Stylish Walking Shoes I Am Taking To Europe

stylish walking shoes

FitFlop $160 $80

Traveling to Europe tends to involve an unbelievable amount of walking. In Berlin, I logged over 30,000 steps in just one day. For my trip to Europe this year, I put even more research and preparation into my footwear than I usually do. Below are the five stylish walking shoes I am taking to Europe and why I chose each one.

Cougar Kensington Chelsea Rain Boot

stylish walking shoes

Cougar $69.95

Europe in spring means rain, so I needed to find the most compact, yet stylish, comfortable rain shoes that would also look great in dry weather. This was one of the easiest choices since I had already discovered the incredibly stylish and comfortable Cougar Kensington Chelsea Rain Boot this past winter. Every client I put it on raved about its comfort. But for good measure, I also interviewed the very similar Naturalizer Luna Rain Boot. It was definitely a wee bit more comfortable than the Cougar rain boot, but not as sleek. The toe on the Naturalizer rain boot was also rounder than my preferred almond shape, and the rhinestones were just too cheesy. I will report back on how the Cougar bootie holds up to 30,000 steps. It’s available at Nordstrom, Amazon, and

FitFlop Barra Dotted-Snake Leather Back-Strap Sandals

stylish walking shoes

FitFlop $130

Practically all the sandals I own are wonderfully comfortable and can hold up to 5,000 steps. But they get destroyed so easily and, eventually, the bottoms of my feet start to hurt and my back aches. I realized for this trip I needed a legitimate walking sandal. This is the shoe I was fearing most, style wise. Stylish walking sandals are the hardest to find.

Thankfully, I had barely started my search when FitFlop reached out to me. They wanted to discuss their new line of office shoes, but I was immediately inspired after spotting their Barra Dotted-Snake Leather Back-Strap Sandals. I explained to them my line-up of Europe posts and asked if they would basically sponsor my feet for the trip. They loved the idea and sent me this sandal, as well as the sneaker below. I cannot wait to report how this walking sandal holds up against a standard sandal. I will update this post with the results, and mention them in future posts as I chronicle my outfits for Europe. The Barra sandal is available at FitFlop, Zappos, Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, and Lord + Taylor.

FitFlop Gianni Patent Boots

stylish walking shoes

FitFlop $160 $80

FitFlop calls this a boot, but a hightop sneaker would be a more accurate description. I have tested all the shoes going on this trip, but this shoe was extensively tested during a photoshoot I did recently. I have already logged over 20,000 steps in this shoe and it still looks brand new. The Gianni Patent Boot has already outdone itself, and the compliments roll in every time I wear them. This will be the fourth style conscious FitFlop shoe I have tested – See a past FitFlop post HERE – and I am happy to report they have officially made it on my list of go-to stores for stylish walking shoes. The other two resources I use are The Walking Company and Footwear Etc. (also available on Amazon.)

Brooks Neuro 3

stylish walking shoes

Brooks $120 $79.95

These Brooks Neuro 3 are my running shoes. As you know, I run almost every day, rain or shine, in any city I visit. I only plan to work out in them, but chose these as my running shoes because they are slim, taking up the least amount of room in a suitcase, and they can pretend to be stylish walking shoes if need be. One must always be prepared. These shoes are available at Zappos and Amazon.

Dolce Vita Coltyn Booties

stylish walking shoes

Dolce Vita $150 $104.99

I added this Dolce Vita Coltyn bootie last. My original plan was to only bring stylish walking shoes that can hold up to a full day of walking. I ended up folding when I pictured myself going to a club in the shoes previously mentioned. I knew I needed a dressy evening shoe and these Dolce Vita Coltyn booties are perfect for my night out looks. I tested these booties extensively, as you probably guessed by their numerous mentions in my previous posts: Denim On DenimOlive Green Jacket OutfitThe Structured Maxi SkirtThe Sweater Skirt Set, and What To Wear In Vegas.

I found these booties are comfortable for 3,000 steps if I am working with clients, and for 5,000 steps if I am not bending over a bunch and lifting heavy things. So here are the rules for these booties: I can wear them on any evening I want and any casual day. I am not to wear them on travel days and serious walking days. These booties are available at ZapposAmazon, and Lulus.

My blog posts are my honest and personal opinion. Sometimes my content includes products sent from brands or PR firms. In this case, FitFlop gifted me two pairs of their shoes. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I don’t write about it.

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