Who does not love Target?! Besides the fact that the prices are amazing, there are so many cute-slash-fabulous clothes there. Last month I went crazy picking up clearance cardigans and adorable t-shirts, this week I am eyeing Mossimo’s cheetah ballet flats.


I have already gone through two pairs of cheetah ballet flats (originally from JC Penny), the last of which I tore apart by walking the entirety of London. They had a good run considering I wore them for a good year straight. I can only hope that Mossimo is up to the challenge.


Try pairing theses flats with jeans and a tee, a summer dress, or casual romper. A patterned flat is always a great way to make a casual outfit more interesting, but don’t hesitate to wear these babies in the evening as well. A heel is always a crowd pleaser in the evening time, but when you aren’t feeling it, grab the wild flat.