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Cute Loungewear You Can Actually Wear Outside Your Home

cute loungewear
Lululemon $98

Many of us are sitting around in rags at home feeling comfortable as all goodness, but not feeling sexy, cute, or stylish. These rags may range from ancient pajamas to free t-shirts, giant everything, old school sweats or that super soft robe that looked dirty even when it was new. These items may feel amazing on our skin, but can wreak havoc on our self esteem. Of course, you know where this is going. Yes, I have designed many cute loungewear wardrobes for my clients and I am now going to share with you my favorite pieces that are still available. And just so we are on the same page, the criteria for cute loungewear is as follows…

  • Insanely Comfortable
  • Machine Washable
  • Flattering
  • Cute/Stylish Design/Color

Lou & Grey Softserve Long Sleeve Tee

cute loungewear
Lou & Grey $34.50

This Lou & Grey Softserve Long Sleeve Tee in utility green is my favorite long sleeve tee right now. The neckline and fit are so flattering and this color is everything. Note: It is soft, but not the softest tee on this list. Pair it with lounge pants or jeans.

Sizing Tip: True to size, and fits wider shoulder women amazingly.

Lululemon Hit Reset Short

cute loungewear
Lululemon $58

This Lululemon Hit Reset Short is soft and flattering. Pair it with cropped tops or tuck your tees and tanks in.

Sizing Tip: Runs small. Order a size or two up.

Halogen Modal Jersey V-Neck Tee

cute loungewear
Halogen $32

I am allllll about the v-necks. It is the most flattering neckline. And this Halogen Modal Jersey V-Neck Tee is insanely soft (I’ve mentioned it before, by the way). It does run long though, which is great if you are a leggings girl for your loungewear, but I find most women prefer looser pants when lounging. I would recommend ordering a petite, but the petites are mostly sold out. Instead, you can hem the t-shirt at your local tailor for a small price.

Sizing Tip: Runs large and long. Order a size down, and hem the length if needed.

Wildfox Spectrum Knox Pants

cute loungewear
Wildfox $108 $64.80

Wildfox is known for their insanely soft fabrics and these Spectrum Knox Pants are no exception. Pair them with a t-shirt and get lounging!

Michael Stars V-Neck Jersey Minidress

cute loungewear
Michael Stars $88

This Michael Stars V-Neck Jersey Minidress is the perfect dress to throw on after work. You get to feel like you’re wearing pajamas, but you can actually leave the house without feeling embarrassed.

Loft Shawl Pocket Open Cardigan

cute loungewear
Loft $59.50

Instead of grabbing a super soft robe, grab a super soft cardigan like this amazingly comfy Loft Shawl Pocket Open Cardigan.

Sizing Tip: Runs large. I recommend ordering it in a petite so you don’t have too much length.

J.Crew Salut! T-shirt

cute loungewear
J.Crew $32.50

I love this J.Crew Salut! T-shirt for lounging and life. It looks cute with the navy Joie sweatpants, listed below.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

Joie Tendra Sweatpant

cute loungewear
Joie $118

These Joie Tendra Sweatpants are the anti-sweatpant sweatpants because they are so fitted and flattering. You will be in heaven because they are the softest thing on this list. Pair with this top, this tank or this top. These sweatpants are available at Joie and Bloomingdale’s.

Sizing Tip: True to size.

Loft Ribbed Crossover Back Sweater

cute loungewear
Loft $59.50

I adore this Loft Ribbed Crossover Back Sweater. It’s so comfortable and cozy. You can pair it with fitted lounge shortsleggings, or the Joie sweatpants.

Sizing Tip: True to Size.

Rails Taylor Star Stripe Shirt

cute loungewear
Rails $158 $118.50

I love this Rails Taylor Star Stripe Shirt with sweatpants, shorts, or leggings. If pairing with a pant like the Lululemon On The Fly (listed below), I recommend tying it at your waist. I also recommend wearing a bralette underneath since it is a bit sheer (I use the Gap racerback bralette). This shirt is available at NordstromBloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus.

Sizing Tip: True to size.

Soul Role Women’s Yoga Shorts

cute loungewear
Soul Role $35

Nine years ago I bought the cheapest faux yoga shorts at a little beach town boutique. I have worn them every week since then. They are so light and soft. Every time they get a small hole I take them to my tailor to fix. I have tried to find similar ones, but every pair is fancier, too thick, and restrictive. These Soul Role Women’s Yoga Shorts are the closest I can find to those glorious cheap shorts.

Wildfox Smooches Baggy Beach Jumper Sweatshirt

cute loungewear
Wildfox $98

This Wildfox Smooches Baggy Beach Jumper Sweatshirt is the epitome of cute loungewear. Lounging at home is the time to really play with graphics and colors.

Sizing Tip: Runs large.

Hinge Jersey Tank

cute loungewear
Hinge $26

This Hinge Jersey Tank is one of my favorite soft fitted tanks for lounging. I love that it comes in XXS – XXL.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size. But order a few sizes to confirm your favorite fit (looser versus tighter).

Lou & Grey Loop Stripe Sweater

cute loungewear
Lou & Grey $69.50

This Lou & Grey Loop Stripe Sweater is a playful sweater you can pair with your light grey lounge pants. You’ll be warm, yet edgy in this soft embellished goodie. It is available at Nordstrom and Loft.

Sizing Tip: Choose your size based on the fit you want. The smaller you go the tighter it will get, but if you want an oversized look, order your size or up.

Lululemon On The Fly Pant

cute loungewear
Lululemon $98

This Lululemon On The Fly Pant is my go-to flattering lounge pant for clients who want comfortable clothing that can also leave the house. Pair it with cropped tops, or tuck in your tees and tanks for the most flattering look.

Sizing Tip: Runs small. Order a size up.

Leith Mélange Wrap Dress

cute loungewear
Leith $56

I know this Leith Mélange Wrap Dress looks dressy, but it is absolutely pajama soft, and you can sleep comfortably in it. What’s wrong with looking amazing in a lounge dress?

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

Target Women’s Multi Stripe Pullover Sweater – Wild Fable

cute loungewear
Target $24

This Women’s Multi Stripe Pullover Sweater from Target is absolute heaven! Crazy soft and my most recent addition to my cute loungewear collection.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

Rails Bianca Flannel Shirtdress

cute loungewear
Rails $168 $126

I was hesitant to put this Rails Bianca Flannel Shirtdress on the list because it requires a belt to be flattering and doesn’t come with one. But it’s just too darn soft to skip. I recommend pairing it with this stretch back Treasure & Bond belt if you want to leave the house in the dress. The belt just snaps in the back. Don’t like the dress? Get the flannel top! So soft. This dress is available at Nordstrom and Shopbop.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size in the armholes, but loose everywhere else.

Vince Camuto Sleeveless Tank Top

cute loungewear
Vince Camuto $20

The best way to create cute loungewear outfits with baggier pants is to pair them with a shorter perfect fit tank like this Vince Camuto Sleeveless Tank Top. This top is available at Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Sizing Tip: Runs large.

Eileen Fisher Midi Tank Dress

cute loungewear
Eileen Fisher $198

This uber soft Eileen Fisher Midi Tank Dress is one of my favorites in the category of cute loungewear that can go outside. People forget that soft items you wear around town can also be worn around the house. Don’t be scared to ruin it. Like I always say, today is the day for fine china. This dress is available at NordstromDillard’s, and Neiman Marcus.

Sizing Tip: Runs large. Order a size down.

J.Crew Love Sweatshirt

cute loungewear
J.Crew $49.50

This J.Crew Love Sweatshirt is true to its word — I love it. Though it did not arrive in time to meet this post’s deadline, it has good reviews regarding its softness.

Sizing Tip: Runs true to size.

Splendid Striped Cropped Tee

cute loungewear
Splendid $48 $38.40

This Splendid Striped Cropped Tee works great for those higher waisted lounge pants like the Sunset & Spring pant below or the Lululemon On the Fly pant in navy. This tee is available at Bloomingdale’sShopbopSplendid, and Neiman Marcus.

Sizing Tip: True to size.

Sunset & Spring Side-Snap Track Pants

cute loungewear
Sunset & Spring $78

These Sunset & Spring Side-Snap Track Pants were introduced to me by one of my clients. She loves that she gets to be comfortable, but still fashion forward.

Sizing Tip: True to size.

Catherine Catherine Malandrino Keala Dropwaist Chambray Dress

cute loungewear
Catherine Catherine Malandrino $148

This Catherine Malandrino Keala Dropwaist Chambray Dress is for those interested in a fabulously unflattering look. Yes, it is a bag, but it is also super soft and fun. This dress is available at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

Sizing Tip: It is big, but the shoulder holes run true to size.

Nic + Zoe Comfort Zone Sweater

cute loungewear
Nic + Zoe $128

This Nic + Zoe Comfort Zone Sweater is another delicious goodie you can pair with your navy Joie sweatpants. It is available at Nordstrom.

Sizing Tip: Usually this brand runs large, but this garment runs true to size.

Lilly Pulitzer Raylee Shift Dress

cute loungewear
Lilly Pulitzer $98

I love that when you put on this Lilly Pulitzer Raylee Shift Dress you can just throw on some flip-flops, leave the house, and appear as if you actually got dressed. This dress is available at Nordstrom and Zappos.

Sizing Tip: Runs large. Order a size down

Loft Swingy Sweater

cute loungewear
Loft $59.50

This Loft Swingy Sweater is insanely soft, graces the body nicely, and pairs perfectly with fitted shorts or leggings for a cute loungewear look.

Sizing Tip: True to size. If you want, order a size down for a more fitted look or shorter sleeves.

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