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What To Wear To A Summer Backyard Party

summer backyard party
dress: Nicholas, scarf: Scarflings, shoes: FitFlop, necklace: OneNecklace

I published this post last summer when backyard parties were one of the few ways for us to socialize in person during the pandemic. Though many of us are vaccinated and society is opening back up, backyard parties are still one of my favorite summer traditions. So I’ve updated this post with new dresses for Summer 2021. Enjoy the flashback content below, or simply skip to the Shop This Post and browse those frocks! 

With social distancing a recommended and mostly required practice, your summer plans have no doubt changed. Mine have. I’ve postponed over eight trips, all my close proximity events have been canceled, and I’ve decided not to go to restaurants or bars for the next few months. Instead, I have fully embraced the socially distant summer backyard party — or front yard party for that matter! My neighbor is famous on our block for his socially distant front yard concerts performed by local musicians like the hilarious and talented Melanie Medina.

What To Wear To A Summer Backyard Party

Put those heels in storage and break out the flat sandals! A summer backyard party is all about being comfortably fabulous. Obviously, you can wear jeans or shorts, but I highly encourage you to break out the resort wear! I treat my social distance gatherings like I’m going to a cafe in the South of France or a beach in Barbados. Pile on the sunscreen, break out the hats, and sport those flowing dresses. The bold prints of Farm Rio and ALC dresses are particularly perfect for this occasion.

I also never forget my shawl to cover up from the sun, or break the evening chill. I haven’t had this much fun dressing up in ages. My absolute favorite style is resort wear (aka vacation clothes), but they don’t usually “flow” outside a non-active outdoor get-together. Now that’s all I do!


How Does The Summer Backyard Party Work In A Pandemic?

First of all, this summer’s backyard party can’t be big. I find that eight people is the max if you want to actually hear people from 6-feet away. It also depends on space. If you have a small outdoor space to work with, maybe your socially distant backyard party is just two or three people. Rules vary by state and city so make sure you check your local regulations before organizing a get-together. Here are the basic rules for a summer backyard party in the age of coronavirus:

  1. Sanitize The Party Area — As a host, thoroughly clean everything your guests might touch, like chairs and any bathrooms. As a guest, bring your own wipes or alcohol spray to disinfect.
  2. Stay Outside — If you are a guest, only go inside to use the bathroom. Research shows the risk of catching the virus outdoors is lower than indoors.
  3. Provide Hand Sanitizer — Bring your own hand sanitizer as a guest, and if hosting, provide multiple hand sanitizer pumps for your guests next to food, doors, the bathroom, and any other logical location.
  4. Don’t Share Food Aka No Finger Foods — Feel free to instruct guests to bring their own snacks. The food itself shouldn’t be a risk, but you want to avoid touching shared dishes, utensils, etc.
  5. Prepare Food With A Mask + Clean Hands — Prepare the food like a Grade A health professional. Experts say you don’t technically need to wear your mask while preparing food, but it can prevent you from touching your face and then touching your food.
  6. Wave or Blow Fake Kisses — Skip all physical greetings and goodbyes.
  7. Wear A Mask — Realistically you can’t wear a mask when you’re eating or drinking, but you should have it on at all other times, especially when you arrive, when you use the bathroom, and whenever overzealous guests come within 6 feet of you. Again, it’s really important that you maintain 6 feet of distance between you and anyone else.
  8. No Touching — Skip games that involve touching anything.
  9. BYO-Everything — If you want to do this right, have your guests bring their own everything. I regularly bring my own wine, snacks, glass, and chair to socially distant get-togethers.
  10. Dancing Works — Did you know it’s not that weird to dance 6-feet apart? I just found that out.

Fun Fact: I have secretly always wanted to bring my own party materials everywhere I go. I am quite particular about the kind of seat I want to sit in, the glass I use, and the wine I drink. Now, I can be totally crazy and no one can tell — they just think I’m a responsible citizen. We’ll just keep that between us {insert wink}.

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Photos by Dayley Photography 

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